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We’ll talk SEO for an hour or two via Conference Call and GoToMeeting session - answer your questions, and do a brief site review with no preparation.

We can talk about Internet Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Strategy, Email Marketing Strategy, Technical SEO, Software and Design Issues, Link Building, On Page Structure, or whatever else is most pressing to your site. Sometimes just a little bit of time talking to someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes SEO (and is a software developer) is all it takes to gain a new perspective.

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** Consulting rates seem high? Refer to Rand Fiskin's - In SEO Do You Get What You Pay For?

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Website Analysis and SEO Audit

In depth analysis with research, reporting deliverables, and followup.

Pricing is dependant on site size, research time, delivery time, and time necessary for followup however the base rate for an in depth Website Analysis, SEO and Conversion Rate Audit is $8000 USD. Case Studies and examples are available upon request.

Site Analysis and Audit Reports Include:

Keyword research

  • Negative phrases for PPC
  • Conversion speculation

Website technical review

  • Information architecture – search theme pyramids
  • Current search saturation/ pages indexed
  • 404 and sitemap review
  • Web host testing and review
  • URL Structures

On-Page Optimization

  • Titles
  • Other Meta Tags
  • Content Quality & Use Issues
  • Spam filter considerations
  • Off page Optimization
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitor backlink analysis

Industry Community Research

  • Establishing Experts
  • Suggestions on partnership opportunities
  • Where’s the sphere and what’s the buzz?

Content development

  • Viral content creation review
  • Suggestions for viral "linkbait" content

Link Development

  • Link development training
  • Tips and tricks
  • Valuation of links
  • Types of links
  • Viral Link bait for links
  • Balancing the link equation

Usability/Design/Credibility/ Conversion Suggestions

  • Recommendations for improving user trust
  • Suggestions for improving credibility and conversion
  • Clicktracks reporting when raw log files are provided

Full Access to Training Guide

Followup training and consulting as necessary

** Example site audit report available on request **

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