Ashton Kutcher – Twitter Desperation?

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Social Media Marketing and Twitter in particular is a great way for stars like Ashton Kutcher to generate buzz. In fact it's great for anyone and any business (when done properly). Now I'm as open minded to all sorts of Internet Marketing techniques but this one strikes me as a bit desperate.

Ashton is basically buying paid advertising on another social network in order to increase his followers on a competing social network. Come on Ashton. As they would say on Twitter: srsly?


Clearly  Ashton Kutcher using Twitter is not a negative thing. In fact I fully believe in the power of Social Network Marketing and provide channels for self promotion. However, As a business driven marketer and branding expert I'm still not 100% certain if Ashton Kutcher's campaign on Twitter produced any definable results other than the fact that he got some dedicated airplay on CNN. For a hollywood actor like Kutcher, this is definitely a plus, getting airplay like that will do nothing but promote his own brand, his movies and his career (and positively affecting his bottom line).

I wonder what type of metrics were taken into account except for the number of followers? Was any tracking done on Click Through Rates? How did it affect his Online Reputation? More likely than not, it was purely a branding play. I still think the Ad reduces the legitimacy of his entire Twitter campaign.

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