How to create a great social media content schedule

I often run into examples of poorly executed social media “programs”. Generally this comes from a highly undervalued view of social media, poor planning and an under-estimation of the complexity of the channels. Quite often this will lead to an inconsistent and off-topic communication plan when it comes to talking to your fans or brand […]

Promoting Your Facebook Presence

Welcome to the Jungle

I’ll bet you have some great Facebook Strategies you’ve implemented like the ideas below. Add a comment below and the best suggestions will be added to this list with a link back to your site. I know social media marketing is a hot topic these days and there are a lot of companies attempting to […]

Absolute Casino – Social Media and Gaming

Absolute Gaming - Social Media and Casino

I’ve been in the eGaming industry on a number of levels and in a number of capacities for 7.5 years now, a lifetime in that sector. Over the past couple of years specifically it has become increasingly clear that the industry is completely stagnant from a product perspective. I were to specifically look at the […]

Internet Marketing Minute Podcast

The Internet Marketing Minute Play in new window | Download (965.1KB) | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSWell I’ve finally decided to get things in gear with my Internet Marketing Podcast. I’m thinking of the following format: Limited to (around) 1 minute each and every day. This makes it manageable for me personally as I’m swamped with both […]

50 Twitter Tips for Conversion

So here it is: Twitter.  It’s everywhere being hyped as the next great thing, but what can it do for your business? Like any emerging technology the uses are somewhat open ended and there are still many questions. A few things are absolutely certain: Twitter offers you an opportunity to engage a large number of […]

Building Great Links

Link Building is always a topic of conversation for anyone in the world of Internet Marketing. People who push only organic SEO tend to be quite focused on the overall process of building masses of links with target anchor text on sites which may pass link juice. Personally that’s a narrow minded point of view […]

Using StumbleUpon Effectively


Social Network Marketing is currently a hot topic in the world of Internet Marketing. Many people want to integrate a social media and social networking component to their marketing mix. The most common problem I see is Social Media Marketing thrown together in an ad hoc fashion and poorly executed. The key risk from a […]