Ontario Legalizes Online Gambling – Kinda


So yesterday was an interesting day for me as a resident of Ontario and having been involved in the internet marketing side of online gambling for the past 10 years via clients who operate in the offshore space. The Province of Ontario and specifically “Premier Dad” or Dalton McGuinty announced that online wagering on Casino, […]

Online Casino Suite – Site Review

On occasion I get asked to review a website for various other webmasters in both the online gaming space and in mainstream. Online Casino Suite is my latest review. On first visiting online casino suite there is definitely a ton of information being presented to the user. The main page of the site has a […]

32Red Active Players Up Revenues Down

More interesting financials from online casino operator 32Red. Looks like they had an increase in active players, which is always good (customer service and retention likely get credit for that) but a revenue drop of 11%. Here’s a brief synopsis of the interim results: Overall revenues -11.2% to £5.8m, from £6.4m at the same point […]

Online Casino Games for British Columbia

This is an interesting new development. Looks like the Province of British Columbia will be providing a legal online casino and online gambling website for residents of the province. The BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation) is guessing that their online casino offering could generate $100 Million in revenue by 2014. Having been involved in online […]