Ontario Legalizes Online Gambling – Kinda


So yesterday was an interesting day for me as a resident of Ontario and having been involved in the internet marketing side of online gambling for the past 10 years via clients who operate in the offshore space. The Province of Ontario and specifically “Premier Dad” or Dalton McGuinty announced that online wagering on Casino, […]

Online Casino Suite – Site Review

On occasion I get asked to review a website for various other webmasters in both the online gaming space and in mainstream. Online Casino Suite is my latest review. On first visiting online casino suite there is definitely a ton of information being presented to the user. The main page of the site has a […]

Absolute Casino – Social Media and Gaming

Absolute Gaming - Social Media and Casino

I’ve been in the eGaming industry on a number of levels and in a number of capacities for 7.5 years now, a lifetime in that sector. Over the past couple of years specifically it has become increasingly clear that the industry is completely stagnant from a product perspective. I were to specifically look at the […]