Your Bing Strategy

Yahoo is being Bing-ified – What is your strategy? Sometime next year, Microsoft will fulfill a planned integration to power Yahoo’s search results with Microsoft’s Bing Engine. The move will effectively consolidate 28% of the US search market, giving both companies a platform upon which to seriously battle, To Bing or Not To Bing?, […]

Yahoo Never Was A Search Engine

Well I’ve never been a fan of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz and she continues to stupify me with her ridiculous statements which she holds to so dearly. As covered over at Search Engine Land Bartz was interviewed in the New York Times. She is stunningly moronic in some of her claims: “Yahoo, according to Ms. […]

Subdomain Network

Search Engine Optimization is still a significant component of my daily Internet Marketing work. I refuse on this blog to discuss basic SEO techniques, I will cover fundamental concepts like Hilltop, LSI and techniques which will make your sites make sense to the engines. I’m going to cover the idea of using a series of […]