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If you’re like me you might have specific requirements for small tasks for a client or a project at any given time. Now that doesn’t mean I want to hire a number of full time employees (to be honest, I can’t afford that and the projects simply don’t require it).

So off an on I am constantly looking for low cost ways to have a temporary workforce out there for any number of tasks. It could be some content I need written, link built, social media mentions. The list is pretty much endless and it also causes me some headaches.

It’s tough to find a group of people out there. I could easily place Craigslist or Kijiji ads but that’s time consuming and a pain.

That’s why when I ran into Short Task I was pleasantly surprised. The basic idea is this:

  • You have some tasks you need performed online for a specific project.
  • Short Task connects you to a marketplace of people who can complete that simple task for you.
  • Your workforce will work at home.
  • You pay.
  • Task is completed.
  • Everyone moves on with life.

It’s a cool idea and uber convenient so I thought I would include a Short Task Review for those of you who have never used it before.

Short Task divides their site up into “Seekers” and “Solvers” which is pretty straight forward. If I’m a solver I can perform the tasks that are in their Marketplace.

Once you login into you’ll see “Tasks” in the Main Menu. Select that and then you can filter based on Keywords or Amount Offered.

I just checked a few of the tasks and started at $9.00 - I also got a few hits for $15.00 tasks. Not a bad payout if you get yourself into a system and become quick and proficient with this. You won’t retire tomorrow but you could make a nice supplementary income from this type of work if you take it seriously plus you can work from home.

Having looked through the Marketplace I’d also suggest you stick to the $3.00-$8.00 categories. These could be completed relatively quickly (less than 15 minutes) if you’re a decently quick writer and are relatively good with a search engine (so you can find the sites you need to find).

The higher paying categories look like they want some pretty in depth research done for $15.00. If you think about it, if you can post a quality comment in 10 minutes for $3.00 you can make $18.00 in one hour easily. Instead of spending that single hour on one in depth research article.

That’s just a thought though.

From the perspective of a Seeker, I like it. I can assemble a relatively strong human work force in minutes by posting tasks and having people complete them for me. If I took $300.00 of a budget here and wanted to build some links for instance I could easily post it for $3.00 and would be able to get 100 human edited inbound links.

Neat idea. You should check out Short Task whatever side of the coin you might be on.


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    You can also save yourself time and money by letting the workers “bid” for the jobs throught and

    Not only will you have many choosing to try to get the work, but you will be able to access their qualifications through a bulletin board and private message and since they are bidding you will find that the rates will go down while the work completed goes steadily up in your favor.

    I know because I have been doing freelance work for months as a secondary income and have ghost written hundreds of articles and a few books as well as transcribed more than 50 hours of audio and video for some of the seminars and new products that are now being released online.

    Mary Kellner Coon

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    Very interesting, I’m taking a look at this as I write this. I was thinking about trying out Amazon’s mechanical turk service but this appears to be better for small jobs.

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    Outsourcing is the key but finding both affordable outsourcing and quality is not always easy. one source a lot of folks tend to ignore is hiring the disabled. A lot of the folks are way over qualified, have the desire to work and many certainly have the time. You get excellent quality at an affordable price.

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    Very nice share! As Mary Kellner Coon said, i think such freelancing websites are also good way to make money online. Working for some other people are more authentic and yet long term ways to make money over internet.

    There are ways through which you can make money but what you need is to either sell other products by being an affiliate or selling your skills like website designing or developing it or any other…

    Anyhow, i have bookmarked your blog in my delicious account and will love to visit it again…


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