Internet Marketing Tweet Digest 2011-10-30

It's interview day at the Barn. (@ ArtBarn) # I should have check in here in the first place. A great setup put on over here by U of W [pic]: # NYTimes: Netflix Loses Subscribers, Though Earnings Rise # “@rmbriggs: Affordable, convenient, #mcommerce for all! RT @mashable Mobile Payment Reader Square […]

Internet Marketing Tweet Digest 2011-10-23

Replacement School Playground for Sir James Douglas School via @AddThis # Having a Palm after a busy day. (@ The Bauer Kitchen) # I just got access to @klout's new topic page preview # Hot lunch day! (@ Vincenzo's w/ 2 others) # You deserve this Dan (@ The Bauer Kitchen […]

Internet Marketing Tweet Digest 2011-10-16

Headed to Rain-lando! (@ Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) w/ 21 others) # I'm at Lofty Booth at The VRMA (14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, Orlando) w/ 6 others # Finishing up a busy day at the #VRMA conference, the session went really well. Now for a little breather. # And we're […]

Internet Marketing Tweet Digest 2011-10-09

Toopy!!! (@ Centre In The Square for Toopy, Binoo and The Marshmallow Moon w/ 4 others) [pic]: # As shocking as it may sound I'm giving a disc golf tutorial tonight! (@ Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort) # Quite honestly frustrated/saddened with the apathy I'm seeing. This town is baffling. # I'm […]

Internet Marketing Tweet Digest 2011-09-25

Take Me To Your Metro: Microsoft Releases Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta via @techcrunch # I've been negligent in my checkins – bad Dan! (@ Vincenzo's w/ @bnmrrs) # @aaranged it's been a tough 44 years my friend in reply to aaranged # Enter the Turks and Caicos contest on Demeure! # For […]

Internet Marketing Tweet Digest 2011-09-18

So how do you feel about State Farm's 9/11 tribute ad? # Jetsetter Sidles Into Airbnb Territory With Vacation Rentals via @Betabeat cc/ @demeuretravel # Facebook Marketing: The Four Biggest Blunders Hurting Your Brand via @adage # City Stays & Wild Adventures: 8 spots to see this winter via @demeuretravel # […]