Internet Marketing Tweet Digest 2011-10-09

  • Toopy!!! (@ Centre In The Square for Toopy, Binoo and The Marshmallow Moon w/ 4 others) [pic]: #
  • As shocking as it may sound I'm giving a disc golf tutorial tonight! (@ Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort) #
  • Quite honestly frustrated/saddened with the apathy I'm seeing. This town is baffling. #
  • I'm at The Bauer Kitchen (187 King Street South, Unit 102, Allen Street, Waterloo) #
  • Travel the world and shoot 1 second of footage in each location. #awesome #
  • The 3rd annual Okthrowberfest Disc Golf Tournament is October 15th at Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort - it's more than … #
  • Social Media is a Waste of Time via @IncMagazine #
  • @jomsie you're still in for Okrhrowberfest right? @bnmrrs is in... #
  • Steve Jobs just passed away. So sad. Rest in peace. #
  • @jomsie @bnmrrs yup there is - make it out. You'll have an awsm time plus u watch TV marathons all the time when u should be doin school wrk in reply to jomsie #
  • @jomsie you need to #discgolf that's the solution! in reply to jomsie #
  • @jomsie oye vey that's completely childish and unreasonable. Which is why I already put ur name on the list. Know thy Jomsie. in reply to jomsie #
  • @jomsie bring yourself and your registration fee oh and your FUN in reply to jomsie #
  • CEOs should care about details. Even shades of yellow. On a Sunday. #SteveJobs #
  • This persistent insomnia. Need to make some changes. It ain't working. #
  • Get out and vote today! Many in the world are not so lucky to have this right. (@ Hespeler Public School) #
  • I <3 Galt (@ Honeypot Marketing Worldwide HQ) [pic]: #
  • When was the last time you opened a large yellow book and started thumbing through the pages? #
  • Ontarians think a $1bn ehealth scandal is OK a sad state for old school politics #ontvote at least the #leafs are up 2-0. #goleafs #
  • I'm letting offhand comments in communications really bug the sh*t out of me lately. #frustrated #
  • Great Board Meetings: via @bfeld #
  • I'm at Charcoal Steak House/Martini's/del Dente (2980 King St E, Fairway, Kitchener) #
  • Pro tip: If you're using Facebook for your brand (which you should) then clearly do not bombard your users with offers… #
  • If you wonder why Disc Golf is amazing then wonder no more. (@ Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort) [pic]: #
  • On walden pond. Well Chicopee anyhow. #
  • @snowack our life is frittered away by by details. Simplify. Simplify. 🙂 in reply to snowack #
  • Heading to Orlando tomorrow to speak at the VRMA conference and trying to get a mini Thanksgiving in before the trip. #

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