Internet Marketing Tweet Digest 2011-10-16

  • Headed to Rain-lando! 🙂 (@ Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) w/ 21 others) #
  • I'm at Lofty Booth at The VRMA (14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, Orlando) w/ 6 others #
  • Finishing up a busy day at the #VRMA conference, the session went really well. Now for a little breather. #
  • And we're back 🙂 weather's looking lovely... (@ Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) w/ 15 others) #
  • Looking forward to @beertownph opening up in my neck of the woods! #
  • Good examples of in-store social media promotion: via @InsideNetwork #
  • I'm at The Bauer Kitchen (187 King Street South, Unit 102, Allen Street, Waterloo) #
  • The sun is out! Special thanks as well to Moose Winooskis and the Charcoal for their support! [pic]: #
  • #Scorpio often react calmly & cooly if offended ~ Even if theres a hurricane raging inside them. Not always. Via @ScorpioSeason #
  • An amazing turn out! Especially given the weather! (@ Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort) [pic]: #

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