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Planning for marketing versus a marketing plan

Planning for marketing versus a marketing plan. I cover why a marketing plan written in stone will do you no good at all, especially when you’re moving quickly and defining your product or service. I'll be sharing a process I’ve used successfully dozens of times in both the online and offline business worlds. Press Play below to get started listening to the podcast!

Planning for marketing versus a marketing plan I’ve decided to resurrect my podcast in order to be more relevant to a wider audience, in addition to it being easier and more convenient for me to record a short ten to fifteen minutes podcast on my drive into the office every morning. I’m anticipating that it will be

The 2016 Digital Marketing Recap: The Marketing Drive ep22

What happened in the world of Digital Marketing in 2016? How did Google, Facebook, Twitter and the general state of social media evolve? Here’s what we need to keep top of mind as Digital Marketers going into 2017.

Why You Need To Classify Your Digital Marketing Campaigns : The Marketing Drive ep 19

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on reddit Reddit Share on whatsapp WhatsApp Setting your digital marketing campaigns into one of three main types will help you maintain your sanity and provide clear goal posts for your team. Misunderstood campaign goals can cause a serious headache when the campaign is complete

Mapping Marketing Strategies & Tactics : The Marketing Drive ep 17

Marketing strategies and tactics are often confused. Here are some tips that will help you to lay out Marketing strategies clearly, assigning tactics to them, then completing the circle by integrating that process into your reporting cycle.

Facebook Groups The Feature No One Really Talks About : The Marketing Drive ep 16

Facebook has been on a tear recently, they’re definitely on track to “eat the world”. I’ve found that Facebook also sports one of the highest conversion rates of all channels when you’ve developed an engagement plan (a.k.a defined funnel and plan). In today’s Marketing Drive, we’ll be talking about why this feature is so great and how you can roll it out.

Hint Giveaway: it’s Facebook Groups and they’re very powerful!

Social Media Strategy – June 21

Today’s tip is pretty simple and doesn’t require brain surgery – don’t use it as an after thought. There are well over 500 million people on Facebook and a shocking number of them log in every single day. This is an incredibly powerful communication medium, not a “nice-to-have if there is any budget left over”.

Woothemes Tumblog Images Broken

Ok looks like it’s an RTFM issue (hopefully). After installing the tumblog (or WooThemes supported Tumblog) you need to go to Settings > Permalinks and save your permalink structure again. This re-registers the custom taxonomies with the Tumblog plugin. Here’s the reference from WooThemes Tumblog Support: Now the question is: did it work?

Promoting Your Facebook Presence

I’ll bet you have some great Facebook Strategies you’ve implemented like the ideas below. Add a comment below and the best suggestions will be added to this list with a link back to your site. I know social media marketing is a hot topic these days and there are a lot of companies attempting to

Yahoo Never Was A Search Engine

Well I’ve never been a fan of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz and she continues to stupify me with her ridiculous statements which she holds to so dearly. As covered over at Search Engine Land Bartz was interviewed in the New York Times. She is stunningly moronic in some of her claims: “Yahoo, according to Ms.

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