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Is your brand communication strategy back asswards?

When we think about brand and communications messaging often the tactical “feature” message wins out over the motivation a consumer might have when making a decision about where to align their loyalties. In reality, the most effective brands in the world start from the motivation and move into the tactical “features” the deeper you dig.

Nick Bilton: I don’t feel sorry for business paying to promote.

This weekend a colleague of mine and I began discussing the topic covered by Nick Bilton in his: Disruptions: As User Interaction on Facebook Drops, Sharing Comes at a Cost article at the New York Times. This is not a new topic, Facebook charging for post promotion, it has been going on for well over

Social Media and Common Sense

I used to live in Vancouver. I lived in Toronto for a bit. I even lived in Europe for a few years. I always find it strikingly interesting when I look at smaller population centres and how business owners, media outlets and others embrace social media marketing channels. Wednesday January 26 Update: Interestingly enough, whoever

Ontario Legalizes Online Gambling

So yesterday was an interesting day for me as a resident of Ontario and having been involved in the internet marketing side of online gambling for the past 10 years via clients who operate in the offshore space. The Province of Ontario and specifically “Premier Dad” or Dalton McGuinty announced that online wagering on Casino,

Promoting Your Facebook Presence

I’ll bet you have some great Facebook Strategies you’ve implemented like the ideas below. Add a comment below and the best suggestions will be added to this list with a link back to your site. I know social media marketing is a hot topic these days and there are a lot of companies attempting to

2010 Printable NFL Schedule

Ok so here we are – the 2010 NFL Schedule is due to be released any time now has been released and I’m really only concerned with my New Orleans Saints 2010 schedule. Well ok that’s a lie as well, I’m concerned with the entire schedule but particularly the Southwest Division which we owned in

Pepsi Cheer – Social Media Done Wrong

Update April 21, 2010: Looks like I was quoted over at in Five things you need to know about: Social media and brands by Andrew Knott. Nice to be referenced however briefly. You’re probably doing Social Media in your Internet Marketing mix, most companies and marketers have jumped on that bandwagon faster than people

Marketing Minute – Twitter Strategies and Making Money on Twitter

In today’s marketing minute I’m going to talk about Twitter. Here are a few highlights: Download my Twitter Strategies for Converting Customers Whitepaper from Honeypot Marketing. Tons of great tips in there (and I wrote that myself, no copy paste). Go to Sponsored Tweets and Sign Up – monetizing your Twitter is s-m-a-r-t. Go to

All About XML Sitemaps – The Marketing Minute

In today’s episode of the Marketing (almost) Minute I’m looking at the importance of a correctly formatted and updated XML sitemap. Often times this is poorly implemented on a site. There are a number of “optional” tags meaning you can get away without implementing them but I strongly recommend you make sure you are implementing

GPS Tracking Tools and Toys – Gadget Friday

If you know me, you know I’m a huge gadget freak. I’ve got all the newest toys and some of my favorites are my GPS handhelds. I use mine for camping, hiking, off roading in my 4×4 Jeep, cross country skiing, and mountain biking. I’ve used my GPS for a couple of years and can’t

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