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Internet Marketing Minute Podcast

Well I’ve finally decided to get things in gear with my Internet Marketing Podcast. I’m thinking of the following format: Limited to (around) 1 minute each and every day. This makes it manageable for me personally as I’m swamped with both Honeypot Marketing and Natural Traction. Low production value. I’m not going to spend hours

Email Scammers Get More Saavy

This brightened up my morning today. I get tons of spam like this but I have yet to have seen one that actually included my real name in the body. A few things about this are very cool: I never knew I had a relative named Michael Nedelko. It’s even more ironic that my relative

Boss Media Fines Licensees

So here’s some good news in the world of eGaming, specifically online poker. I read this article on EGR this morning and through I had to write a post on it. From the article: BOSS MEDIA HAS introduced fines for poker network licencees that rely too heavily on rakeback and don’t bring in enough casual

32Red Active Players Up Revenues Down

More interesting financials from online casino operator 32Red. Looks like they had an increase in active players, which is always good (customer service and retention likely get credit for that) but a revenue drop of 11%. Here’s a brief synopsis of the interim results: Overall revenues -11.2% to £5.8m, from £6.4m at the same point

Online Gaming Revenues Flat and Dropping

Well I’ve said it before – if you do work in the gaming space this recession has been fairly tough all around. Contrary to popular belief people do not gamble more during tough times, especially online. They might drink more, smoke more and watch more movies but logging on to deposit into an online gaming

Prague Spring Anniversary

Image via Wikipedia So today is the 41st anniversary of Prague Spring. Around my house growing up I had heard alot about it in snippets. It became the subject of family gatherings (especially after the adults got into drinking a bit) – to me it is a somewhat distant event that although is a huge

Yahoo Never Was A Search Engine

Well I’ve never been a fan of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz and she continues to stupify me with her ridiculous statements which she holds to so dearly. As covered over at Search Engine Land Bartz was interviewed in the New York Times. She is stunningly moronic in some of her claims: “Yahoo, according to Ms.

Online Gambling in CR Government Sites

This article has been reprinted from The Costa Rican government has confirmed plans to create a new gaming authority under forthcoming legislation that will also subject all gaming companies – online and offline – to tighter licensing and taxation requirements, the country’s finance minister has announced. The government’s plans to address Costa Rica’s worsening

Blocking Spam with WordPress

After my last article on Cleaning your Site after a WordPress Injection Attack I figure that it’s time to take the old “an ounce of prevention us better than a pound of a cute” (or something like that). So here is a nice easy way to enhance your Akismet spam protection and quickly and easily

Google to Index Google Voice?

In an interesting although expected move Google is about to relaunch GrandCentral as Google Voice with a few new features: Free voice mail transcription, which converts recordings into typed text. Users have the option to have these messages sent to themselves as emails or texts — enabling them to search through, sort, save, copy or

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