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I’ve been working too much. Time to reflect and rediscover Tom Thomson

There’s been a “meme” floating around on Facebook lately: Someone posts the work of an artist. Comment or Like and you will have a new artist selected for you. You then post their work and talk about it. It’s a good idea, there is after all more to social networks than the last sandwich update

A Direct Reply to Chris Morlock

As I was getting settled into a busy Monday morning or work, I was informed of a post by Chris Morlock (contact and references: Chris Morlock on the PDGA, Chris Morlock on DiscGolfScene, Chris Morlock on Facebook) on Facebook (of all places where I am not personally connected to him, therefore cannot see or respond

Conservative Americans and ObamaCare

  Dear Conservative America,   We heard that you have issues with ObamaCare and were  thinking of moving to Canada.   You would not like Canada at all.   We have National Health Insurance. Our beer is horrible, it’s watery and tasteless. We have communities of happily married homosexual couples. We have very cold frigid

Social Media is personal – Gary Vaynerchuk

Good old Gary Vaynerchuk does a great job of distilling the importance of social media and how it can lift your business. Watch the video below. I’m adding my own bullet points in addition to highlights from Gary’s talk. The way business used to built was on the relationship. Social media level sets that relationship,

Yahoo is a disaster thanks to Carol Bartz.

I’m not going to be smug about my previous (and much more in depth) post about Carol Bartz being nothing short of the fifth horseman of the apocalypse as far as Yahoo is concerned. Ok, I’ll be a little smug. According to TechCrunch it looks like her tenure is going to be coming to an

Instagram doesn’t like embedding

Instagram doesn’t seem to like it when you run a static image on their site through some processing. Fascinating. Oh well. Note to self don’t use instagram for that although the effects are cool.

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