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All About XML Sitemaps – The Marketing Minute

In today’s episode of the Marketing (almost) Minute I’m looking at the importance of a correctly formatted and updated XML sitemap. Often times this is poorly implemented on a site. There are a number of “optional” tags meaning you can get away without implementing them but I strongly recommend you make sure you are implementing

Internet Marketing Minute Podcast

Well I’ve finally decided to get things in gear with my Internet Marketing Podcast. I’m thinking of the following format: Limited to (around) 1 minute each and every day. This makes it manageable for me personally as I’m swamped with both Honeypot Marketing and Natural Traction. Low production value. I’m not going to spend hours

Your Bing Strategy

Yahoo is being Bing-ified – What is your strategy? Sometime next year, Microsoft will fulfill a planned integration to power Yahoo’s search results with Microsoft’s Bing Engine. The move will effectively consolidate 28% of the US search market, giving both companies a platform upon which to seriously battle, To Bing or Not To Bing?,

Building Great Links

Link Building is always a topic of conversation for anyone in the world of Internet Marketing. People who push only organic SEO tend to be quite focused on the overall process of building masses of links with target anchor text on sites which may pass link juice. Personally that’s a narrow minded point of view

SEO Return On Investment

I am pretty active on LinkedIn and have been for quite some time. I really do my best to try to answer one question per week and participate heavily in that community. It’s a good way to connect with others, make contacts and also use it as a sounding board for input to my ideas

Subdomain Network

Search Engine Optimization is still a significant component of my daily Internet Marketing work. I refuse on this blog to discuss basic SEO techniques, I will cover fundamental concepts like Hilltop, LSI and techniques which will make your sites make sense to the engines. I’m going to cover the idea of using a series of

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