Twitter Updates for 2009-02-25

  • I just used a hammer to dislodge frozen stew from the freezer for Nicole. True story and yes I am very proud. #
  • @oilman every 3.4535 seconds. I know how you feel. #
  • @Miss604 Go #Canucks - I'm actually a #Leafs fan but the #Canucks are my #2 team therefore I am NOT a #Habs fan πŸ™‚ #
  • @kevinrose Hitting the elevator button more than once is psychological security blanket. #
  • RT @fantomaster: RT @webaddict: Internet threat: Hackers swarm bank accounts #internet #hacking #hackers #
  • @oilman If you're anything like me you'll still glaze over when you see the To Do list as it grows and grows and grows. #
  • Signing off for the night. Have a good one all. #
  • @wilw I'm Canadian and I feel inspired. Imagine that! #
  • This #ryanair story gets more and more incredible and ridiculous! Could #raynair management be more obtuse? #
  • RT @fantomaster: Good take from the Link Fish: RT @angie1234p: RT @Burnsie_SEO: What If A Client Doesnt Like Link Building? #
  • @nicolelindaman excellent article, very useful! #
  • RT @mattcutts: Want to learn more about the canonical link tag? We just posted a new video of me talking about it: #
  • RT @SilverOakCasino: Oscars Roundup and winners ( ) #
  • @shoemoney I'm voting for your stimulus plan. It's probably be more effective anyhow. #
  • @1Password Love your app I don't know what I would do without it #
  • RT @SilverOakCasino: Oscars Challenge Winners ( ) #

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