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Integrating Bootstrap and Genesis

Genesis + Bootstrap Bootstrap is one of my personal favourite frameworks and Genesis Framework by StudioPress is a go to when putting together conversion centric websites. Marrying the best of both worlds allows me to be responsive out of the box, prioritize messaging and increase conversions to a goal. Adding Bootstrap functionality to a Genesis powered

How to exclude Digg Digg from WordPress pages & posts

I’ve had this issue myself and there is a simple way to do this, although it’s not well documented. Simply add the following comment to the HTML of your page, post or custom post type to hide the Digg Digg floating share bar: [html]<!– Digg Digg Disabled –>[/html]

Google Font API Thesis and WordPress

So if you keep up on these things you’ll no doubt have heard that Google has released a pretty super nifty and cool new fonts directory which will effectively allow you use some very snazzy fonts  in a very web safe way. This makes me pretty happy since it’s always a pain to have to

WordPress Desktop Client for Mac

I spend a good bit of my time writing content for my various websites. Logging into each separate WordPress or Joomla instance can be time consuming and annoying – as good as web interfaces have become they are still no where near as responsive as a good desktop app. Being a Mac user there aren’t

MacJournal Review and Tests

I’m testing out more MacJournal Stuff and it looks like my server time was set completely improperly. Good time, had to ssh in – after digging up my cryptic passwords. Now to test the upload without scheduling issues. I’m also going to default to the most simple option for image insertion. Good ol’ drag and

WordPress Backup Plugins

In the last few days the Gumblar malware injection attack has been making the rounds and hopefully you’ve taken preventitive measures to ensure that you are as safe as you can be from this annoying injection attack. Just so you’re aware the reason for this attack is Blackhat SEO spammers are attempting to insert a

WordPress Exploit Gumblar .cn

Looks like there is another WordPress exploit out there dubbed Gumblar .cn – I was actually made aware of it through a pingback from on their: Watch Out for Recent WordPress Gumblar PHP Exploit post. These attacks are extremely time consuming to clean up, trust me I’ve had to do it before in the

WordPress Security Plugins

When you use WordPress for a corporate or business website, security always comes up as an issue and for good reason. In what has turned into an ongoing series on WordPress Security I’m going to review a few very useful plugins which will add an additional layer of security to your WordPress or WordPress MU

Blocking Spam with WordPress

After my last article on Cleaning your Site after a WordPress Injection Attack I figure that it’s time to take the old “an ounce of prevention us better than a pound of a cute” (or something like that). So here is a nice easy way to enhance your Akismet spam protection and quickly and easily

WordPress Injection Attack

March 4, 2009 Update: My plan has worked out very well and everything is back to normal without too much of an interruption. My request for Google site review took a total of 12 hours and it was completely handled through Google Webmaster Tools. Google spidered the entire site for about 6 hours checking every

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