Barney Frank versus Bill O’Reilly

I guess Barney Frank is not taking any crap from Bill O’Reilly which is awesome. This is how I look at this situation. Bill O’Reilly is not only a thug highlighting his lack of intelligence through bullying, he is an utter and complete disgrace to his profession. I would not even bring down the profession of Journalism by implying that he is a journalist, the way this utter and complete moron bring down fundamental principles of reasoned debate.

Dear Bill,

In order to give an individual with an alternate point of view a chance to speak you need to shut up. You violate everything that makes open systems of political speech and expression the amazing system they are.

You cover yourself in patriotic self centered ego driven media sensationalism and fundamentally have no common decency or respect for the alternate views and opinions of others.

You violate everything your country and your profession are supposed to stand for, degenerating to your level any further is just the thing you want people to do.

It’s sad, it’s classless and you are nothing more than a demagogue.

I have personally run into two people in my life like you personally. One of whom I’ve written about here, the other is not even worth discussing. Have a look and tell me what you think:


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