Defending George Bush

Ari Fliescher went at it with Chris Matthews yesterday. I think Chris Matthews is right, 9/11 did happen on George Bush‘s watch and for Ari to say Matthews should be ashamed to point that out is ridiculous. The fact is the biggest terrorist attack in US history did happen on Bush’s watch and there are numerous additional facts showing that the Bush Administration failed horribly in ignoring consistent and persistent warnings about an imminent attack.

The deregulation of Wall Street which admittedly began under Bill Clinton was accelerated by the Bush administration which is one of the major factors in the global economic crisis – which I think is going to be a long and deep recession.

Ari Fliescher does make some good points and some stupid points.


If the US gets attacked on Barack Obama‘s watch then yeah you would be able and justified to say that! That’s an idiotic statement by Ari Fliescher. This is a great back and forth!

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