John Roberts aka JD Roberts

You probably now know him as John Roberts the CNN Anchor, and previously as the CBS White House Correspondent but if you’re Canadian maybe you remember him as JD Roberts Muchmusic VJ extraordinaire. Even though that was 20 years ago it’s hilarious to see him with the stylin’ mullet cut. That was short lived and as soon as he joined CityTV in Toronto that was quickly cut off.

On behalf of all Canadians I am begging: John Roberts bring back the mullet!

Seriously though John Roberts is another in a long line of Canadians who have made us proud by becoming a fixture in American broadcast journalism. But seriously John, the mullet was classic.

Check these out:

The Muchmusic Pepsi Power Hour!


On CityTV – JD Roberts graduates to the real newsroom:


Wow – is this John Roberts? It’s pretty amazing to have seen one person’s entire career and in fact what is effectively a transformation:


So then John Roberts moves from CBS to CNN:


Finally John Roberts is the best anchor on CNN. Look at how he handles the idiotic right wing Laura Ingram:

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