StorkCraft – Recall, Parts and Bad Handling

StorkCraft Recall - Be Careful

StorkCraft Recall - Be Careful

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If you know me then you know I’m the father of 7 month old Jaxson Daniel Nedelko. Since I’ve been a Dad I’m pretty mindful (of alot of things) but I’m pretty watchful for his safety.

He is a little mover, awake and asleep and I want him to always be as safe as possible. That’s why it pisses me off when a company life StorkCraft does a crappy job of handling a safety and recall issue. First they deny there is a problem, then they do issue a recall but don’t put anything in place to properly handle the recall.

Their phone lines are jammed, their website is down and they are only issuing official Press Releases. Well I’m here to officially say screw you StorkCraft. You can be sure I’ll never purchase another one of your products ever again and I definitely hope no one else purchases any of your products.

It’s less about the fact there is a recall. It’s how you handled it, or how you didn’t handle it.

That’s what is really at issue here. You’re a backwards company and don’t deserve the right to be producing products for our children, not with your brutal attitude. Check this piece of lame spin out:

“In the majority of incidents, the cribs were being used with broken parts, parts with pieces missing, parts that were damaged or with modified or homemade parts,” the firm said in a statement.

“In some incidents, the crib was in a state of significant disrepair. In other cases, the consumer had installed the drop-side rail upside down — contrary to the instructions that are glued to the mattress base of each crib. This causes extraordinary stress on the plastic parts that could result in breakage.”

Which is basically saying “no no it’s YOUR fault, not ours” – which is complete and utter bullshit. Your products are clearly not well designed, harm children and your spin is not going to change that. Here some more information on the StorkCraft Crib Recall from Mama Knows

StorkCraft Contact Information and News Updates

I’m compiling a list of useful resources for Storkcraft News, Storkcraft Parts, company contact information and any additional press releases I run into here. Please comment below if you have additional news and information about the Storkcraft Recall

November 24, 2009 – Storkcraft CEO “Blindsided” by Recall (Toronto Star)

January 13, 2009 – The first Storkcraft Recall Press Release

CBC News – Storkcraft Recalls “Jams” Website

November 23, 2009 – The second Storkcraft Recall Press Release

Canadian Trade Index Listing for StorkCraft Manufacturing

StorkCraft on Twitter – they seem to be communicating, finally.

Update Nov 30, 2009 – StorkCraft Facing Wave of Lawsuits

Stork Craft Manufacturing Contact Information

Address: 7433 Nelson Road
Richmond, BC,
V6W 1G3
Phone: 604-274-5121
Fax: 604-274-9727

StorkCraft Recall on YouTube


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  • Mike Browne says:

    Which PR boob that’s about to get fired released that little gem? Yikes.

    • Dan Nedelko says:

      I dunno but it really seems like Storkcraft is stuck in the mid to late 50s in terms of attitude. Companies that act like this simply won’t survive

  • Dan Nedelko says:

    If you have a StorkCraft Crib here’s a useful bit from the Toronto Star Article:

    They suggest emailing with the following information, all of which can be found on the bottom right corner of the mattress baseboard: model number of the crib, date of manufacture and country of manufacture. The company also asks parents to include complete shipping information in order to receive a free repair kit that will modify the cribs so the sides are fixed.

  • Joseph Bench says:

    In the persuit of the whole story I think the following should be added.

    Reports are saying that the recall was leaked early.
    This caused a massive surge which the company was not prepared for.
    They spent months working with government and had a release date ready.
    On this release date, they would have, presumeably, many more employees in place, and additional bandwidth – none of which can be ammassed overnight.

    I’m not trying to defend the company by any means, but if the argument is about their handling, this is definately a peice of the puzzle – if true that is.

    good luck on whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish.

    • Dan Nedelko says:

      I understand that point of view and the StorkCraft CEO mentioned that in an initial press release, however I haven’t seen any indication that they worked for months on this recall. In my opinion children had already been put at risk due to these issues with the drop side cribs. I have a number of issues with how StorkCraft responded to this recall, how they blamed the parents and owners of these cribs for improperly putting them together (putting the blame on the parents effectively).

      As a parent of a 7 month old boy with a StorkCraft crib I’m trying to get information out to people about these products and be helpful and to give my opinion on what I consider to be a shoddily run company.

  • Michael says:

    Here’s my letter to CPSC:

    I write to you to express my dissapointment with the storcraft drop side fix. We opted for drop side crib for a reason (and paid more money too) as it is easier and safer for a person of short statue to put child into bed. By forcing us to convert drop side crib into fixed side you’re in effect creating unsafe conditions.

    I’m writing to you so you’ll reconsider your positions on the storcraft fix and require manufacturer to dicontinue this band-aid solution and require a safe kit that does not remove needed functionality (of drop side).

    • Dan Nedelko says:

      @michael Very well put and I agree 100% – we also had to secure the drop side, making it a non drop side crib. This entire fiasco has me and my fiancee very turned off by the handling of this recall, the attitude of StorkCraft and their “solution”. Which really isn’t a solution at all.

  • Trevor Hodgins says:

    yes i agree as well i finally just got my recall fix and this a joke replace shit plastic pieces with more shit plastic and cant believe that they would make the drop side no functional so what happens when the plastic lock on the plastic rail that holds the new plastic fix on breaks and the fix and rail comes off then what this to me is a bull shit way to cover up some over paid suit because he sucks at his job and he doesn’t care about safety because hes such a corporate asshole that he cant get a date Little own a woman to have kids with him

  • süpürgelik says:

    I’m considering buying this baby to bed. What are your suggestions.??

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