Linksys WRT54G – getting wired speeds on wireless

I’ve got a LinkSys WRT54G wireless router. It’s a little older and been great but lately I’ve been getting disconnected every few hours and had to reset the router. Annoying at best, then I ran a speed test and was sad to see my download speeds stank relative to sitting at my desk and wired

How to create a great social media content schedule

I often run into examples of poorly executed social media “programs”. Generally this comes from a highly undervalued view of social media, poor planning and an under-estimation of the complexity of the channels. Quite often this will lead to an inconsistent and off-topic communication plan when it comes to talking to your fans or brand

Social Media is personal – Gary Vaynerchuk

Good old Gary Vaynerchuk does a great job of distilling the importance of social media and how it can lift your business. Watch the video below. I’m adding my own bullet points in addition to highlights from Gary’s talk. The way business used to built was on the relationship. Social media level sets that relationship,

Dušan’s Dare

Dušan : youdoneven know how much of an impact you had while you were hanging out down here with us mere mortals. Can you believe this? Too much awesome. Background: there’s a challenge course almost ready for the kids at Camp Ruskoka. Ruskoka is a camp for new Canadian arrivals and underpriviledged children to learn leadership, mentorship

The Start-Up Drive : Startups need planning.

Creating a high level overview of your goals with details on process and goals can make a huge difference in how you grow your start-up. It will become useful for investors, business development, communication and growth. It doesn't take long and the more often you do it, the easier it gets. Samples to come...

The Start-Up Drive Ep 3 : Agile and Lean does not mean we won’t document plans. In today’s daily drive I’ve been thinking about the best way to document your plans. I’m not talking about writing a 1000 page document, Gantt charts, deliverables and projections. I’m talking about a monthly or quarterly overview of key objectives. Doing

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