You need an email marketing plan.

Email marketing is still a very important part of your communications and marketing mix regardless of your start-up size. Creating a strong email marketing program doesn't need to be expensive, it does however take time, effort and thought.

The Start-up Drive Ep.2 : Email marketing still matters. Start-ups, small businesses, medium sized, and companies of any size will benefit from a strategic plan for email marketing (if you heard yesterday’s podcast then you’ll get that one). Here are a few ideas for making sure that you’re not discounting the powerful and low cost

Yahoo is a disaster thanks to Carol Bartz.

I’m not going to be smug about my previous (and much more in depth) post about Carol Bartz being nothing short of the fifth horseman of the apocalypse as far as Yahoo is concerned. Ok, I’ll be a little smug. According to TechCrunch it looks like her tenure is going to be coming to an

Social Media Strategy – June 21

Today’s tip is pretty simple and doesn’t require brain surgery – don’t use it as an after thought. There are well over 500 million people on Facebook and a shocking number of them log in every single day. This is an incredibly powerful communication medium, not a “nice-to-have if there is any budget left over”.

Instagram doesn’t like embedding

Instagram doesn’t seem to like it when you run a static image on their site through some processing. Fascinating. Oh well. Note to self don’t use instagram for that although the effects are cool.

Lost Dog Lake

Imagine a life without man made light , noises, whistles and beeps. Lost Dog Lake, Algonquin Park, 2011

Woothemes Tumblog Images Broken

Ok looks like it’s an RTFM issue (hopefully). After installing the tumblog (or WooThemes supported Tumblog) you need to go to Settings > Permalinks and save your permalink structure again. This re-registers the custom taxonomies with the Tumblog plugin. Here’s the reference from WooThemes Tumblog Support: Now the question is: did it work?

Social Media and Common Sense

I used to live in Vancouver. I lived in Toronto for a bit. I even lived in Europe for a few years. I always find it strikingly interesting when I look at smaller population centres and how business owners, media outlets and others embrace social media marketing channels. Wednesday January 26 Update: Interestingly enough, whoever

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