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Dan Nedelko has been an entrepreneur for 20 years and played the part of Founder, CEO, COO, Software Developer, Marketer, and SEO. Every day on his drive into the office Dan discusses marketing strategies, tips, strategies, anecdotes and survival strategies for everyone from the lean startup founder to the seasoned Fortune 500 professional marketer.

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The 2016 Digital Marketing Recap: The Marketing Drive ep22
As we wrap 2016, it's a good time to look back and reflect on the fact that there have been[...]
Building Leads and Developing Relationships Using PPC Channels : The Marketing Drive ep 21
Paying to market your core product or service through Google AdWords, Facebook or Bing (or any other paid channel) will[...]
AdWords Quality Score Talk : The Marketing Drive ep 20
AdWords is the world's most advanced and largest network for publishers and an extremely powerful demand-side platform (DSP). If you're[...]
Why You Need To Classify Your Digital Marketing Campaigns : The Marketing Drive ep 19
Setting your digital marketing campaigns into one of three main types will help you maintain your sanity and provide clear goal[...]
Practical PPC and AdWords Optimizations : The Marketing Drive ep 18
Managing PPC campaigns on Google AdWords or Bing networks and now Facebook and Twitter is complex. Set it and forget[...]
Mapping Marketing Strategies & Tactics : The Marketing Drive ep 17
Often marketing strategies and tactics are confused. Here are some tips that will help you to lay out Marketing strategies[...]
Facebook Groups The Feature No One Really Talks About : The Marketing Drive ep 16
Facebook has been on a tear recently, they're definitely on track to "eat the world". I've found that Facebook also[...]
Sweet Little Marketing Lies : The Marketing Drive ep 15
It’s easy to sugar coat our marketing campaign results. No one *likes* reporting on less than “up and to the[...]
Marketing Skills We Need in 2016 : The Marketing Drive ep 14
Let's discuss what skills will make you stand out and also make you a more effective Digital Marketer in 2016. Last[...]
Creating a Content Strategy That Converts : The Marketing Drive ep 13
Creating a content strategy is hard work. Creating a content strategy that converts and is in line with our overall[...]
The New Facebook Pixel and Conversion Scoping : The Marketing Drive ep 12
What's more important than tagging and tracking your lead and conversion funnel? Tagging and tracking your lead and conversion funnel[...]
Micro Moments, Audience Psychology and Keyword Research : The Marketing Drive ep 11
In today's episode I'm talking about capturing micro-moments of intent, the importance of search psychology and why keyword research is[...]
Dealing with Negative Clients and Toxic Relationships : The Marketing Drive ep 10
In today's episode I'm talking about how to deal with negative client relationships, tense situations, and knowing the right time[...]
Lowering High CPA Rates : The Marketing Drive ep 9
You hear it every day: "My CPAs are too high!" Managing paid marketing budgets is challenging, technical, psychological and ever[...]
Building and Managing Your Audience : The Marketing Drive ep 8
There's a lot of doing in the day-to-day of the modern marketer, so much so that there isn't much time[...]
Marketing and Business on the Road : The Marketing Drive ep 7
Welcome to the new and improved Marketing Drive! What is The Marketing Drive? It's a daily podcast, video and blog[...]
The Start-Up Drive : Startups need planning.
The Start-Up Drive Ep 3 : Agile and Lean does not mean we won't document plans. In today's daily drive[...]
You need an email marketing plan.
The Start-up Drive Ep.2 : Email marketing still matters. Start-ups, small businesses, medium sized, and companies of any size will[...]
Planning for marketing versus a marketing plan.
Introduction and Summary - Episode 1: Planning for marketing versus a marketing plan. I've decided to resurrect my podcast in order to[...]
Marketing Minute – Twitter Strategies and Making Money on Twitter
In today’s marketing minute I’m going to talk about Twitter. Here are a few highlights: Download my Twitter Strategies for[...]