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If you’re anything like me, a webmaster with numerous sites on numerous different web hosts then you’ve run into all sorts of different types of companies out there who can fulfill your web hosting needs.

Generally what I’ve found is that most web hosts will try to tack on a bunch of extra service fees once you’re setup with them, and we all know once you’re in and setup with a web host that moving is the last thing on your mind. Generally having a profitable website is the goal, not hosting issues.

Here are a few things I really like about JustHost.com – one click installs of Joomla and WordPress and tons of free addons included with a low cost hosting account. Also you get a whack load of free advertising credits.

For a low cost host, the almost $100 in free advertising credits with Miva, Google, and Yahoo made it worth my time to go and sign up.

The setup was quick and easy, and I had a site setup in minutes. Now of course there is design and content work to take care of but at the end of the day I’ve just saved myself a fortune in time by giving JustHost.com a shot.

You should check them out as well!

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