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Just thought I would let you all know that I’ve made this blog do follow. Now remember – real comments only please but they will pass link authority.

As I am going through this resurrection of my site I’ve had the opportunity to rethink a few thinks in terms of categories, tags, URL structure, Sub Domain structure and in particular making all comments DoFollow.

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Having said that I installed the DoFollow plugin yesterday for a few reasons:

  1. It will incite comments – hopefully relevant comments.
  2. I want to pass link authority for those who I want to link to from this site.
  3. Defaulting as NoFollow is really the backward way to do it. WordPress by default adds the No Follow attribute, although I understand why the need for NoFollow by default.

Having said that I am curious. Is your blog a DoFollow blog?


Over the pas months I’ve had excellent success in building online reputation through Do Follow blogs.  Here is a fantastic list from Squidoo of categorized list of Do Follow blogs.

I’ll be updating this page with more Do Follow resources.

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  • Congratulations Dan, I think you’ve made a good choice to go dofollow. I went dofollow about 2 months ago and it has brought me lots of great readers and not that much spam. I’ve added your blog to the directory over at pagerush, and I look forward to bringing you lots of comment love.

  • Dan Nedelko says:

    Thanks Adam,

    Both for the comment and for adding the site to PageRush! I’m also going to add you to the Blogroll.

  • Nofollow in effect stifles the incentive to comment and socialise. I noticed you have a ‘u comment, I follow’ banner. I think that it is great to advertise the fact that you have this enabled to encourage dicsussion. Would appreciate where to get this.


  • Dan Nedelko says:

    Hi MM,

    I agree with you 100% that nofollow stifles the community aspects of a blog and what comments are really all about.

    If you wanted the source of the “U Comment I Follow” badge you can find it here:

    Cheers and hope to talk to you soon!

  • Hi Dan,

    Can you explain me about “no follow” and “do follow ” blog.

  • Hi Dan,

    Can you explain me about “no follow” and “do follow ” blog?

  • The way you explained the thoughts is very simple and different from others……. Thanks

  • mp3real says:

    Thank you! Excellent post!

  • Hi! I want my blogger site to be a do follow blog.. but where do you change that setting. I can’t seem to find exactly where i should change it..


    • Dan Nedelko says:

      You can change it by editing your Blogger template. Go into your setting, edit the template and just search for rel=”nofollow”, remove it and you’re good to go.

  • MAS says:

    Do you find that moving to a ‘do follow’ permission generates significantly more blog traffic? I need to get my wordpress blog moved over to a ‘do follow’ format. I understand there is a plug in for that but can’t seem to find it.

    Thanks for the info. I’ll check back!!

    • Dan Nedelko says:


      I wouldn’t say that making your blog DoFollow alone will significantly increase your traffic, but I have found that people will want to comment more frequently – which is always good. The point really is that I want to pass “link juice” through good comments. I feel it’s a good fair trade, having said that you will likely get more spam but Akismet solves that problem.

      You’ll be able to find the DoFollow wordpress plugin here.

  • Actually to answer your question all my blogs are dofollow. The only problem is that I keep making new ones and the old ones just kind of hang out.

    I’ve been working on creating a new dofollow blog list (most that I’ve found are very out-dated) which is how I found your blog.

    • Dan Nedelko says:

      @do follow blog list

      I agree, most dofollow blog lists are out of date, there are a few directories and “search” sites for this exact purpose. If you’re interested in setting anything like that up, let me know. I’d also appreciate being a part of your list now.


  • dazzardo says:

    For me it would be a terrible decission to go DoFollow, simply because my blogs are all gambling related and to be honest that’s abit like inviting hitler into your house really, Iget enough spam as it is, never mind if I added that function

    • Dan Nedelko says:

      My site refers to casino and igaming businesses. As for the spam there’s always Akismet (thankfully) and good old comment moderation. Thanks for the comment Dazzardo!

  • @ Dan

    I call mine a PageRank sorted DoFollow list. It’s not so fancy as a directory or a search engine. Just 600+ DoFollow Blogs.

    I’m starting to sort them a bit by category but that will take me a little time because I get bored pretty quick when I’m working on it. I want to make sure I can keep it up-to-date as far as dofollow and pagerank goes before I start expanding too much into other sortings.

    The site is only about a month old but I’m still trying to recheck everything (need to make it a habit) I find a few that I added that were a mistake at least I assume the ones I find are my mistakes not the webmaster deciding to go nofollow right after they get added to my list.

    Wow I got a little carried away with this comment. LOL

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  • Hi Everybody! I agree totally. BTW It seems like I know alot of you already. That seems weird, but I have been lurking as you call it for a few weeks – now its an addiction LOL! I wake up to check posts and before bed and some in between! 🙂

  • It’s interesting that blogs first started out as a way for people to express their opinions on their chosen subjects (at least that’s what I thought), but now it has turned into a networking tool with this dofollow and nofollow debate.

    But I guess business is business, and I’ll go with dofollow.

  • Thanks, DoFollow blogs are helpful for people who aren’t pro in web-ranking (like me) 🙂

  • cool, my blog is dofollow also

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  • Bingo picks says:

    Nice one for making your blog do follow. I think you’re right when you say it’ll boost your comments. How have you found the uptake since changing from no follow?

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