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Youdoneven Know

No comment required.

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Inspiration for start-up entrepreneurs

Hang in there. Special thanks to Gaping Void – my online psychotherapist.

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Universes collide

I feel like I might be creating a black hole or something 🙂

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Dušan’s Dare

Dušan : youdoneven know how much of an impact you had while you were hanging out down here with us mere mortals.

Can you believe this? Too much awesome.

Background: there’s a challenge course almost ready for the kids at Camp Ruskoka. Ruskoka is a camp for new Canadian arrivals and underpriviledged children to learn leadership, mentorship and life skills – it’s a great place full of amazing people doing great stuff. Counsellor training starts this week and the kids will be using it soon.

Not enough words to thank you all for your support.

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The Best Father’s Day Present

Doesn’t get much better than that 🙂

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Canoe Head

Canoe heads this way. On the last portage to Lost Dog Lake. Republished for Facebook thumbnail, how annoying.

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Dawn Paddle

Paradise. No cellphones needed.

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