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Why I’m the Marketing Guy and That’s OK.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years, it’s chaotic, hectic, painful, stressful, fun and rewarding – if I’m lucky I might even make some money at it. That’s where I’m personally at today, and again it’s ok. After one of those extremely hectic days recently, me and one of my partners decided to grab a

You are not special.

There’s a fantastic message in this commencement speech. You might want to scroll forward to 2m 57s which is where the real message begins in this commencement speech. These are definitely words of wisdom and it reminds me of this quote which I have always loved and kept near to me. “Nothing in the world

Dušan’s Dare

Dušan : youdoneven know how much of an impact you had while you were hanging out down here with us mere mortals. Can you believe this? Too much awesome. Background: there’s a challenge course almost ready for the kids at Camp Ruskoka. Ruskoka is a camp for new Canadian arrivals and underpriviledged children to learn leadership, mentorship

The Real Life Social Network

This is a fantastic look at the real life social network and the online social network. It’s a presentation done by a Google employee and has some very interesting insights. In particular segments and groups of friends and relationships. I’ll be adding thoughts, bullet point and additional info for the post but for the time

Email Scammers Get More Saavy

This brightened up my morning today. I get tons of spam like this but I have yet to have seen one that actually included my real name in the body. A few things about this are very cool: I never knew I had a relative named Michael Nedelko. It’s even more ironic that my relative

Prague Spring Anniversary

Image via Wikipedia So today is the 41st anniversary of Prague Spring. Around my house growing up I had heard alot about it in snippets. It became the subject of family gatherings (especially after the adults got into drinking a bit) – to me it is a somewhat distant event that although is a huge

Words of Wisdom

Can anyone guess who said this? Please comment and take a shot at it: The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways , but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families,

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