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The online gambling and online sportsbook vertical is rightly considered to be one of the most competitive business markets from more than an SEO point of view.

The online gaming industry is one of the most challenging industries for Marketing online or off line. 

The challenges have increased in 2018 with the introduction of State level sportsbook and gambling licenses in the United States. This has introduced big players such as Fan Duel and possibly NBS Sports.

Not only is it highly competitive with competition from public companies, government organizations and major news outlets, there are thousands of savvy affiliates in direct competition with the private, regulated Sportsbook providers themselves.

I’ve been involved in the gaming industry and Sportsbook marketing since 2002.  Below I’ve provided a brief overview of my experience in the the gaming space including highlights, acquisition milestones, search ranking and business development achievements.

Beyond providing marketing, acquisition, retention, SEO strategies & tactics, I have developed a number of long term strategic marketing plans which go far beyond SEO but encompass other tactical marketing channels such as:

  1. Social Media Engagement and Conversion Strategy
  2. Paid Search Management across numerous networks and channels
  3. Affiliate Marketing Strategy and Execution
  4. Email Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  5. Web and Conversion Analytics
  6. Conversion Rate Optimization
  7. Sports Marketing campaign strategy and execution
  8. Google News Optimization
  9. Online Press and Public Relations
  10. Video Marketing and Conversion Optimization
  11. Podcasting Strategy and Distribution
  12. Landing Page Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is only the beginning of the process and one tactic in an arsenal of Digital Marketing Strategies which lead to an increase in online lead generation and customer sales (otherwise known as the Joined and Depositing customer).

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Sportsbooks and Poker have a distinct benefit over other forms of online gambling such as Casino and Racebook. In one word: content.

Sports and Sportsbooks in general have a near endless supply of material for content marketing programs.

Of the four channels: Sportsbook, Casino, Poker and Horse Racing – the sportsbook has the best opportunity to create an authority site which can acquire a new customer via content.

After seven years 14 years I have the scars to prove my time in the world of Sportsbook, Casino, Poker and general Gambling SEO. As I mentioned earlier I will list some highlights here. For more information you can visit Honeypot Marketing, check out my LinkedIn profile or view my detailed profile page here.

Bodog Sportsbook

  1. First in-house SEO for Bodog, later made “Web Manager” and a member of the Senior Management Team,
  2. Oversaw the development of the Internet Marketing Team including all hiring, team structure and budgetary issues.
  3. Provided 2 years of Strategic Planning and SEO execution.
  4. Key stakeholder in a major overhaul of the Bodog Sportsbook Website.
  5. Created an SEO strategy which saturated the Search Engines and provided Bodog with over 100 top 3 rankings across 3 search engines.
  6. Implmented Web Analytics and Omniture Site Catalyst.

BetUS Sportsbook

  1. Created entire SEO Strategy and built their Digital Marketing Team.
  2. Create 2 years of Strategic Digital Marketing Plans.
  3. Key stakeholder in a major redesign of their website.
  4. Key stakeholder in Campaigns throughout the sports season.
  5. Implemented a highly successful podcasting strategy.
  6. Hired and mentored a young team which continues in place today (very successfully I have to add).
  7. Top Terms: Sportsbook #2 – when I started with BetUS they were ranked #76
  8. Top Terms: “sports betting” #1 (currently #4)
  9. Top Terms: Football Betting #1 Google US
  10. Top Term: Baseball Betting #1 Google US
  11. Top Term: Basketball Betting #1 Google US

Sports Interaction

  1. Worked with them in a limited consulting capacity.
  2. Provided strategic SEO and site structure direction.
  3. Provided technical SEO consultation for their custom build ColdFusion betting engine and CMS.

Belmont Sportsbook

  1. Created a portal and subdomain strategy.
  2. Implemented content and linking guidelines.
  3. Successfully captured niche markets for an otherwise small operation.

That’s the brief summary of my Sportsbook, Gaming and Online Gambling SEO and marketing experience – as I mentioned these are simply highlights of my gaming marketing experience. Additional gaming projects have included working with Sports Insights, The Spread, The Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation, Niagara Fallsview Casino. is an international gaming portal that will provide the best in quality content and legal sports gambling options throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Running on the Hubspot platform, it is poised to become a leader in all aspects of legal gaming options.

Deadhit Sports

Additional Sports and Sportsbook Projects include the creation of Deadhit Sports, a no-nonsense sports betting news and information website created to bring together real sports fans interested in quality content and building a community around the concept of casual, fun and informed gaming content of all kinds.

MyBookie Sportsbook

A more recent entry into the online sportsbook and live betting market, MyBookie is a WordPress driven online sportsbook with a DGI backend, fully licensed by the government & Laws of Curacao.

Initially we had to tackle some extensive information architecture issues on the site including the format and structure of the Sportsbook wagering pages, internal content structure, on-page content and the overall health of the link profile.

Remember there are always two portions of the equation from a SEO perspective: indexation and ranking. If the website is not indexed properly then the site will never rank properly. It was critical to ensure the site was properly indexed, we then moved on to the development of a more robust link profile and a complete over-haul of the content strategy.

If you’re ready to make your Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization efforts show bottom line results, simply contact me and we can discuss in further detail.

How to Market Sportsbook and Online Gaming 

All Marketing is Psychology. Having the ability to get an emotional reaction from your audience is both impactful and can make of the difference in the world.

Search Engine Optimization is much more than content and technical optimization of messaging and code.

Let’s think about it for a moment. When someone sites in front of their phone, tablet or laptop and taps in a search.

What are they doing?

They’re revealing their motivations, needs, wants, desires and intent

Having the ability to rank your content based on these searches is key to success.

We also need to convert those searchers into visitors, return visitors and ultimately customers or clients.

This requires creativity, an understanding of the psychology of the gaming customer and how to appeal to that psychology.

The Psychology of Gambling & Other Great Resources for the Gaming Marketer

The Advertising and Marketing of Online Sports Betting via Psychology Today

Totally hooked: Angling, gambling, and ‘fishing addiction’ via Dr.Mark Griffiths

Social media copies gambling methods ‘to create psychological cravings‘ via The Guardian



  • Carl says:

    Quite impressive. Would love to hear your opinion or what you have to say on white label turnkey solutions like “BetMore”, The later “player2player” now part of playtech and the likes with your history of experience and professionalism.

  • Mike says:

    very cool, always wondered how people take on the sportsbook affiliates and make money off them. I had set up with betUs and Bodog but found I was just wasting banner space as nobody ever signed up or click on them for that matter. Instead I took on the fantasy football niche but wish sportsbooks weren’t so frowned apon with them

  • Hi

    You pretty much cover the lot with that list there. Although I have experience with search engine optimisation I am increasingly drawn at learning new marketing techniques/tactics/schemes.

    The next on my list to study is going to be email marketing. I know i need to get it right the first time otherwise I will be labelled a spammer so will defiantly take is slow.


  • Belajar SEO says:

    I think you have quite impressive experience in SEOing the theme (Sportsbook).
    Also, your marketing strategic plan really goes beyond SEO. I believe it took a rock solid team to accomplish all that.
    Wish I have one.

  • I agree! SEO is just the beginning of the whole internet marketing process.
    Those internet marketing strategies are sure comprehensive and frightening to look at for a beginner.

    And furthermore, each of these long term strategies mentioned even have their own respective sub-strategies under them. No wonder, more than 90% never really pursue this path. However, it’s very rewarding for the few who master internet marketing really.

  • I think that affiliate marketing for the gambling industry is light years ahead of other industries. SEO should is fundamental to success, but your strategy should not stop there, only begin there. Great post and a solid list of tools.

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