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Starting your own freelance Digital Marketing business is scary, frustrating and can induce anxiety.  I've built a successful 7-figure Digital Marketing Agency. I want to help you build your business, avoid pitfalls, gain peace of mind and make sure you are paid reliably. All for free. Join me today for my Freelancer BootCamp. You'll get an email everyday for 14 days that will help you build a successful business with practical real-world tactics.

In addition to my extensive experience in the world of Sportsbook and Sports Betting SEO I have also been involved with numerous other forms of Gambling SEO and eGaming SEO in the Online Poker and Online Casino verticals.

As time permits I will elaborate on my roles both in the marketing and business aspects of these projects. For now please feel free to check the following sources for my work related experience:

LinkedIn Profile

My Profile on DanNedelko.com

Sportsbook SEO Overview

For regular daily updates to my involvement within the world of Gambling SEO, Internet Marketing and business you can also Follow Me On Twitter or Contact Me Directly.

I follow the eGaming industry from the following perspectives:

  1. Legalities and Licensing.
  2. Individual vertical performance (ie Sports, Casino, Poker and Horse Racing).
  3. Marketing and Main Stream Acquisition.
  4. Internet Marketing Tactics, Techniques and Strategies.

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