<div style=float left padding 5px><a href=httpsdannedelkocomwp contentblogsdir1files200902screen capture 537jpg><img class=alignleft size full wp image 354 src=httpsdannedelkocomwp contentblogsdir1files200902screen capture 537jpg alt=Genius Internet Marketing width=297 height=286 ><a><div> Over the years I have been involved with designing marketing and developing business cases and plans for numerous enterprises startups and science projects In this section I will be highlighting them in a bit more depth than I have outlined on my <strong><a href=httpsdannedelkocomabout dan nedelko>professional profile page<a><strong> In each Case Study or Article I am going to be highlighting successes and challenges experienced Ill be adding more anecdotes experiences and case studies for some of the most significant projects I have been involved with in addition to some interesting mentions from respected organizations and individuals in the world of Marketing Rand Fishkin commented on a <strong><a href=httpwwwseomozorgbloggenuis marketing from the gang at betus target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>link baiting campaign<a> <strong>designed<strong> <strong>by me and the team at BetUS when I was acting as Director of Internet Marketing I built out the first Internet Marketing team at Bodog from 2002 through to mid 2004 Im very proud of the team and professionals that developed out of that project The successes experienced at Bodog in the gaming world was a convergence of a fantastic team in all areas of the organization at the time Bodog dominated the <strong><a href=httpsdannedelkocomsportsbook seo>Sportsbook SEO<a><strong> and gaming landscape for quite a long time Clicktracks now Lyris also wrote a case study and feature <a href=httpwwwlyriscomclientscase studiesriptowncom case study target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>on my successful use of business driven<strong> SEO ROI<strong> and Analytics <a>