<h1>What is GD Star Rating<h1> <p>The one slight issue with the plugin is complexity The developer writes excellent developer documentation but at heart he is a software developer Now coming from a background of software development myself I can understand him but for many WordPress webmasters cracking open your theme adding a few classes and rewriting comment and post loops is a bit daunting<p> <p>If youre in need of some help then feel free to comment below and Ill see what I can do to help Below youll find a list of some of the most common issues Ive had with GD Star Rating<p> <h2>Previews show GD Star Rating code when I insert the rating block at Top and Bottom through the admin<h2> <p>If youre using homepage previews like I do on my homepage you might end up with some GD Star Rating code in your previews MillanN has already covered this but the easiest thing to do is crack open your singlephp or which page is your post page this is theme dependent and add the following bit of code somewhere before your post body<p> <p>php <br > < Custom GD Rating Insertion > <br > <php if definedSTARRATING INSTALLED > <p> <div style=float left> <php wp gdsr render article > <div> <p> <php endif> <br > < End GD Staring Rating > php<p> <p>This will insert your rating block at the top of the post without affecting your previews<p> <p>Obviously this is a bit more complicated than simply adding the Comment to Top and Bottom through the settings panel but its a fairly painless addition note the if statement above simply detects if GD Star Rating is activated and does not call the function if it its inactive and prevents errors on your site should you turn it off<p> <h2>GD Star Ratings Function List<h2> <p>As mentioned above there are a ton of functions you can use to customize the appearance and behavior of GD Star Rating You might be look for the complete <a href=httpinfodev4presscomgd star ratingfunctionshtml target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>GD Star Rating Functions List<a> hopefully you find that useful in your customization and development<p>