The Drive – Business and Growth with Dan Nedelko

By Dan Nedelko

November 25, 2023

Last Updated on November 26, 2023 by Dan Nedelko

Welcome back to The Drive with me, Dan Nedelko. Join me to learn about Business and Growth for Small Business. It’s practical, snackable, pragmatic and hopefully helpful.

In this welcome back episode I’m explaining a bit about my perspective on Business and what value I can convey to you in the rejuventated verion of The Drive.

Join me and I’ll be talking about:

  1. Business – running a small business as an Entrepreneur.
  2. Marketing – how can you make practical marketing decisions that will serve your business well.
  3. Technology – what can you do to leverage technology to your benefit.
  4. Finances – how to make the right moves FOR YOU right now.
  5. Government Regulation and Taxes – dealing with our glorious leaders in government and taxation issues that can protect you, your business and your family.
  6. Sanity – maintaining relationships while running your business.
  7. Peace of Mind – making sure you’re taking care of the most important person in the equation. YOU.
  8. Efficiency and Productivity – I’m NO guru but I’ve learned a few tricks about being efficient. When I’m efficient, I’m happier and more productive.

Thanks for being here. Remember: you know more than you realize.

Dan Nedelko

About Dan Nedelko

A human being spinning around on this big blue marble with the rest of you, interested in Digital Marketing // Music // Art // Family // Business // Founder of

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