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SEO talk in Las Vegas

SEO talk in Las Vegas

The online gambling and online sportsbook vertical is considered by many to be one of the most competitive markets from both an SEO and Internet Marketing perspective. Not only is it highly competitive with odds provided by major news outlets, there are thousands of saavy affiliates in direct competition with the Sportsbook providers themselves.

I've been personally involved in Sportsbook marketing for seven years.  Below I've provided a brief overview of my experience in the Sportsbook space including some highlights and rankings.

I should also reinforce that beyond simply providing SEO tactics, I have developed a number of long term Internet Marketing Strategic plans which go far beyond SEO but encompass other tactical marketing tools such as:

  1. Social Media Strategy.
  2. Paid Search.
  3. Affiliate Marketing.
  4. Email Marketing.
  5. Web Analytics.
  6. Conversion Rate Optimization.
  7. Campaign strategy and execution.
  8. Google News Optimization.
  9. Online PR.
  10. Online Branding.
  11. Video Optimization.
  12. Podcasting Strategy and Distribution.
  13. Landing Page Optimization.

SEO is only the beginning of the process and one tactic in an arsenal of Internet Marketing Strategies which lead to an increase in online sales (otherwise known as the Joined and Depositing customer).

More SEO Speaking Engagements

More SEO Speaking Engagements

Sportsbooks have a distinct benefit over other forms of online gambling such as Casino, Poker and Racebook. In one word: content.

Sports and Sportsbooks in general have a near endless supply of content for their sites. This is distinctly different than Poker (arguably Poker has a much stronger user community which can be a double edged sword) and vastly different than Casino.

Of the four channels: Sportsbook, Casino, Poker and Horse Racing - the sportsbook has the best opportunity to create an authority site which can acquire a new customer via content.

After seven years I have the scars to prove my time in the world of Sportsbook and Gambling SEO. As I mentioned earlier I will list some highlights here. For more information you can visit Honeypot Marketing, check out my LinkedIn profile or view my detailed profile page here.

Bodog Sportsbook

  1. First in house SEO for Bodog, later made "Web Manager" and a member of the Senior Management Team,
  2. Oversaw the development of the Internet Marketing Team including all hiring, team structure and budgetary issues.
  3. Provided 2 years of Strategic Planning and SEO execution.
  4. Key stakeholder in a major overhaul of the Bodog Sportsbook Website.
  5. Created an SEO strategy which saturated the Search Engines and provided Bodog with over 100 top 3 rankings across 3 search engines.
  6. Implmented Web Analytics and Omniture Site Catalyst.

BetUS Sportsbook

  1. Created their entire SEO Strategy and built their Internet Marketing Team.
  2. Create 2 years of Strategic Internet Marketing Plans.
  3. Key stakeholder in a major redesign of their website.
  4. Key stakeholder in Campaigns throughout the sports season.
  5. Implemented a highly successful podcasting strategy.
  6. Hired and mentored a young team which continues in place today (very successfully I have to add).
  7. Top Terms: Sportsbook #2 - when I started with BetUS they were ranked #76
  8. Top Terms: "sports betting" #1 (currently #4)
  9. Top Terms: Football Betting #1 Google US
  10. Top Term: Baseball Betting #1 Google US
  11. Top Term: Basketball Betting #1 Google US

Sports Interaction

  1. Worked with them in a limited consulting capacity.
  2. Provided strategic SEO and site structure direction.
  3. Provided technical SEO consultation for their custom build ColdFusion betting engine and CMS.

Belmont Sportsbook

  1. Created a portal and subdomain strategy.
  2. Implemented content and linking guidelines.
  3. Successfully captured niche markets for an otherwise small operation.

That's the brief run down of my Sportsbook experience - as I mentioned these are simply highlights of my gaming marketing experience. If you'd like further detail, simply contact me and we can discuss in further detail.

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