Integrating Bootstrap and Genesis

Genesis + Bootstrap Bootstrap isĀ one of my personal favourite frameworks and Genesis Framework by StudioPress is a go to when putting together conversion centric websites. Marrying the best of both worlds allows me to be responsive out of the box, prioritize messaging and increase conversions to a goal. Adding Bootstrap functionality to a Genesis powered […]

Algonquin Whispers

Beautiful sunsets in Algonquin Park

I’ve spent many years tripping through Algonquin Park. There are literally hundreds of images I’ve been lucky enough to capture, as difficult as it is to sort through all of them, I’ve managed to put together a small collection of favourites from Lost Dog Lake, Lake Sisco, North Tea Lake and the Amable Du Fond. […]

Is your brand communication strategy back asswards?

Beautiful sunsets in Algonquin Park

When we think about brand and communications messaging often the tactical “feature” message wins out over the motivation a consumer might have when making a decision about where to align their loyalties. In reality, the most effective brands in the world start from the motivation and move into the tactical “features” the deeper you dig. […]

Why Facebook will fail at Search

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Search

Facebook released their search strategy today, the so called “third pillar” of Facebook’s future. Search is hard, very hard. It’s why I have always been fascinated by search, it is also one of the reasons I have a massive amount of respect for Google, beyond their annoying marketing strategy of “do no evil”, 0-10 PageRank […]

A Direct Reply to Chris Morlock

As I was getting settled into a busy Monday morning or work, I was informed of a post by Chris Morlock (contact and references: Chris Morlock on the PDGA, Chris Morlock on DiscGolfScene, Chris Morlock on Facebook) on Facebook (of all places where I am not personally connected to him, therefore cannot see or respond […]