Building Leads and Developing Relationships Using PPC Channels : The Marketing Drive ep 21

By Dan Nedelko

December 29, 2016

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Paying to market your core product or service through Google AdWords Facebook or Bing or any other paid channel will be an extremely expensive proposition Watch and learn how to reduce your Pay Per Click campaign costs create a highly engaged lead list and increase your conversion and retention rates Sound too good to be true It isnt it simply requires an understanding of how a lead and conversion list can be set up to reduce costs and increase your long term conversions The best part of this Youll be investing a lead list your can segment and develop relationships with your potential clients over the long term In <strong>The Marketing Drive Episode 21<strong> were talking about <ol> <li>Reviewed our Black Friday and Cyber Monday e Commerce programs they were fantastic<li> <li>Why we saw bad campaigns running for 4 solid days and companies spending millions front loading offers<li> <li>How we can be smarter with our budgets no matter how modest they may be and build real contacts with potential customers<li> <li>What it means to really stop thinking of this as lead acquisition and start thinking of the process as relationship building<li> <ol> <a href=httpbitlyyoutubedanno>Subscribe to The Marketing Drive YouTube channel<a> <a href=httpbitlythemarketingdrive>Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes<a> Ill be covering the latest and greatest marketing business and start up tips every day from the road Agency Life <a href=httpsdannedelkocom>httpdnedprodwpenginecom<a> The ups the downs of agency life How to build your agency successfully Marketing Execution <a href=httphoneypotmarketingcom>httphoneypotmarketingcom<a> Every day were launching reviewing and optimizing marketing campaigns Marketing and Business <a href=httpmarketerknowscom>httpmarketerknowscom<a> How to survive as an effective marketer without losing your sanity Marketer Knows is a community for marketers who are in the trenches each and every day

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