AdWords Quality Score Talk : The Marketing Drive ep 20

By Dan Nedelko

September 19, 2016

Last Updated on December 14, 2022 by Dan Nedelko

AdWords is the world’s most advanced and largest network for publishers and an extremely powerful demand-side platform (DSP). If you’re a digital marketing professional managing advertising inventory then this will be a great use of 8 minutes of your day!

AdWords Quality Score can have a substantial effect on your advertising performance and your bottom line. The differences equate to 4x to 6x more expensive CPC rates.

In today’s Marketing Drive we’re talking about AdWords Quality Score, why it’s important for all marketers from the highest executive levels to the most junior intern to understand the importance of this score.

Your Finance team and your year-end budget actuals versis forecasts will thank you for being thoughtful about your digital marketing messaging quality.

In The Marketing Drive Episode 20 we’re talking about:

  1. The importance of AdWords Quality Score.
  2. Digging into some of the misconceptions of AdWords Quality Score and how it works.
  3. 5 Actionable tactics you can implement today to increase your Quality Scores.
  4. Why I’m going to stop numbering tactics in the podcast.

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  • rob dawson says:

    I don’t fully understand the use of Ad words. I work with Wonders of Winter a festival of lights in Waterloo park basically for the month of December. We are a non profit group. Is there a way Ad words would help us promote this volunteer, community event?

    • Hi Rob,

      Would be happy to chat with you about how you can use AdWords to drive awareness for Wonders of Winter. In it’s simplest form think of AdWords as a distribution channel with incredible reach and the ability to target users directly on numerous devices and in numerous channels.

      Google does indeed have a not-for-profit program. It can be complex to pass all of the criteria and applications to receive NFP funding credits for AdWords. Do you use any paid promotional channels at this time? Radio? Print? Television? Do you have a budget?

      Hope to hear from you soon!
      Best – Dan

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