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By Dan Nedelko

May 27, 2010

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<div id=feature>Ill bet you have some great <strong><a href=httpsdannedelkocomsocial networking>Facebook Strategies<a><strong> youve implemented like the ideas below Add a comment below and the best suggestions will be added to this list with a link back to your site<div> I know <a href=httphoneypotmarketingcom target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>social media marketing<a> is a hot topic these days and there are a lot of companies attempting to get their foot in the door with social networks The appeal of these networks is incredible mainly for the viral and exponential nature of the system My network is a connected graph with exponential growth possibilities My <a href=httpfacebookcomdannedelko target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>400+ friends all have approximately 350 friends<a> on average and informally if any company can get their foot into the door and illicit a response from my friends and their friends then the brand spread and effectiveness of that sharing can be astounding caption id=attachment 717 align=alignleft width=300 caption=Social Media Strategies<a href=httpsdannedelkocomwp contentblogsdir1files201005social media marketingpng><img class=size medium wp image 717 src=httpsdannedelkocomwp contentblogsdir1files201005social media marketing 300x276png alt=Does your Social Media Strategy Make Sense width=300 height=276><a>caption In addition to that its much more than the one way conversation that Television Radio and even a Landing Page can provide I get feedback I gain <strong>key influencers<strong> <strong>brand advocates<strong> and its the <strong>consumers<strong> doing the marketing for me This dynamic is much more than a shift its a paradigm shift in the way we consumer promote and self market to each other So what does this mean for the average company and <a href=httphoneypotmarketingcom>internet marketer<a> Well to be quite honest it means that youre not likely doing anything with your social media presence The fact is that the vast majority of companies out there are not effectively utilizing their Facebook presence Having said that I have informally seen a great deal of excellent brand identities on Facebook Im also going to ignore some of the more popular examples here like Ford Starbucks and Heinz Im looking at <strong>smaller operations that have actionable changes<strong> you can make that will help you make more of your page presence and ROI Some of my personal favorites are <a href=httpwwwfacebookcompagesSouth River ONNorthern Edge Algonquin Algonquin Park Ontario6413789421>Northern Edge Algonquin Park<a> <a href=httpwwwfacebookcomEchoValleyRanch>Echo Valley Ranch and Spa<a> Looking at these three and yes all of them come from my c<em>asual usage of Facebook rather than any in depth digging<em> These are quite simply excellent pages that keep me interested returning visiting and interacting This is isnt a massive empirical case study this is me looking at things that just work Lets break it down what do these people do that most people do not do on Facebook <ol> <li><strong>Mention users by name <strong>They thank new members and reference them directly This is a great way to start a 2 way conversation<li> <li><strong>Utilize events<strong> Im always surprised at how few brands actually maintain the events on their page through the events application Its not only a great way to determine participation it helps to organize the event as well<li> <li>Allow <strong>user submitted photographs<strong> This is a key for the travel and tourism sector since its so applicable but its something that many brands can leverage Think about it lots of room here for innovative ideas<li> <li><strong>Respond to comment threads<strong> without sounding impersonal By actually naming the commentor and responding like a real live human being rather than a 2 dimensional drone then there is a ton of opportunity to interact directly with your users and build strong relationships<li> <li><strong>Asking questions<strong> This doesnt have to be exactly polling per say Just update the status and ask a question you might be surprised at what comes out of it like lots of comments and even more visitors and people interacting with your page which is the goal here<li> <li><strong>Exclusive Facebook only Offers<strong> I get alot of grief for ever bringing this up but its a key way to get new users I know you have users on your main domain already maybe they are members of your facebook presence maybe not But do not offer the same thing to both welcome them to join you on Facebook to become eligible exclusivity is important plus joining you doesnt cost a thing<li> <li><strong>Nifty groovy neato Facebook applications <strong>Now obviously if you have the budget creating an extremely useful custom Facebook application is preferable here since it makes you stand out from the crowd in a big way but for those on a shoestring budget consider adding even the most simple applications like Social RSS which will automatically post your content from your blog or news site onto your facebook page without human intervention Its simpe its free and it keep your content flowing on Facebook There is nothing worse than a stale page<li> <li><strong>Add notes to your Facebook Page<strong> This means unique Facebook only content Yeah thats right only on Facebook This increases the exclusivity of being a member if you clone your current efforts then you will severely reduce the attraction and interaction on your page What is the point after all of having members who do not interact Nada zip zero<li> <li><strong>Use videos<strong> Not high production quality videos I mean grass roots real live videos simple fun and engaging Think about a walk through of your office handheld videos from events This is Facebook and Social Media Marketing is not the same as traditional marketing You dont need a fancy intro a bit of camera jiggle is fine and non scripted videos make people like you more youre real You are after all real arent you<li> <li><strong>Incite conversation<strong> This means being controversial but not rude We dont want to get people angry unless your goal is to rile people up into action but you do want to get them talking on a controversial debate Why not Play the referee being on either side of a debate will alienate people to you and we definitely do not want that<li> <ol> That a pretty basic actionable breakdown of things you can work into your <strong>social media marketing<strong> strategy without breaking the bank or hiring a team of 10 people to manage This stuff is easy so get on out there and start optimizing your own Facebook presence these actions have a huge ROI and lead to many many good things <div id=feature>Anything else that Im certain Ive missed Ill bet you have some great Facebook Strategies youve implemented like the above comment below and the best suggestions will be added to this list with a link back to your site<div>

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  • it’s also cool to share hilarious images or videos once in a while (may or may not be related to your niche), though you have to choose wisely to avert from offending anyone within your network. The real key to a successful social media campaign is the relationships that you get to build along the process. Interaction place a great part, it’s a tedious task, but definitely worth it.


  • What I do is create content just to get traffic to my FB page. The idea is to lets say write an article and note there is more tips or content in the Facebook site. Those who really liked the original article or the general idea would gladly go to my FB site. The most important part is to offer a unique content not just the end of an article. People get annoyed from that.

    If you have list of something then give them few extra point if they come to your site. They have to be good ones.

  • As for me, Facebook is a way to experience my creativity. I don’t care about the traffic that much, but the idea of promoting my presence is good. Maybe I’ll try some.

  • I’ve been thinking of using facebook as a part of my marketing campaign for my blog.

    The blog itself has grown to be big, but I feel like I should be connecting with my users better: via facebook and other social media websites such as twitter.


    • Nabil, it’s highly recommended from me that you set up a campaign to test the result – you might earn on it much more than your think. Let me know how it goes.

      • Agreed Albin – @Nabil set up a test campaign and use a moderate amount of money to do so, if you’re highly targeted in who will see the campaign (paid) and engage your organic users with a good enough idea/offer then you’ll get a better idea of the results. Pro tip: make sure you always have a strong goal path and call to action so you have success metrics which are clear.

        Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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