The New Facebook Pixel and Conversion Scoping : The Marketing Drive ep 12

What’s more important than tagging and tracking your lead and conversion funnel? Tagging and tracking your lead and conversion funnel accurately otherwise known as Conversion Scoping.

Facebook has recently introduced their version 2 tracking pixel, in this edition of the Marketing Drive we’re covering 2 of the most important things the new Facebook pixel will do for you, your campaigns and optimization efforts.

These pixels are very powerful, they can make or break the success of your campaign so now is the time to learn and understand what it is Facebook is trying to achieve with these updates.

In The Marketing Drive Episode 12 talk about:

  1. Why conversion scoping and multiple conversion path tracking is critical.
  2. The big change in Facebook’s newest version of their tracking pixel.
  3. How to create smart Look-a-Like Audience from your Custom Audiences with the new pixel.

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