How to: Clean Your Blackberry Curve Keyboard

By Dan Nedelko

March 4, 2009

Last Updated on December 1, 2011 by Dan Nedelko

<p>I use two Blackberry phones one is a Blackberry Curve and the other is a Blackberry 8800 so that when I travel I have a local number in both main areas I also tend to get a little worried if one starts acting up<p> <p>Well as per my worries the y key started acting up on me Do you have any idea how difficult is to type without the letter y More difficult than you might have thought<p> <p>After searching for a bit I found this gret video from PDAPartscom and though I would post it here for everyone to use if they ever had the same problem<p> <p style=text align center>youtubehttpwwwyoutubecomwatchv=iiIl19G74C0youtube<p> <p>For all you Blackberry 8800 users you might want to have a look at the Blackberry 880 take apart instructions here once again from our good buddies at <a href=httpwwwpdapartscom>PDAPartscom<a> I strongly suggest purchasing parts for your Blackberry from them Ive had to order a number of Pearl kits and batteries from them<p> <p>youtubehttpwwwyoutubecomwatchv=ubNddyfgk6gyoutube<p> <p>Hope that helps you clean your Blackberry it took me a while to track down this info if you have any questions or extra resources please comment here and let me know<p>

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  • I’m looking for a great cell with internet features..What’s the best option?

  • Thanks for the tips you show to us. I have the same kind of mobile and I’m afraid to open and clean it up. After I watched the videos I decided to open it. I cleaned it and it looks like brand new.

  • shouldi just wipe it clean with a dry cloth? get the dust out or is there an agent i should use,

  • hi i have problam with my bb8520 keybord his there keys are not working not watar damage (235689)

  • these are not working keys(235689) from my blackberry plzz as soon as posibel reply me plzzzzzz

  • my “y” key isnt sensitive but my A key me..drives me nuts..

  • im getting the same problem with my alt key its rly annoying… every time i press the middle button it goes to the menu (i got blackberry curve) so i am rly annoyed and i might seriously lose it =(

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