Building and Managing Your Audience : The Marketing Drive ep 8

By Dan Nedelko

May 25, 2016


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Theres a lot of doing in the day to day of the modern marketer so much so that there isnt much time to stop and think about our audiences Ill be talking about <ol> <li>How to build an audience aka the Minimum Viable Audience<li> <li>How to identify your existing Audience<li> <li>Why we need to know our audiences<li> <li>The importance of build a relationship with our audiences before we try to make a sale<li> <ol> <h2>Handy References for Building Your Minimum Viable Audience<h2> Props and high fives to Bastian Ernst from WildAudience for his excellent post <a class=title ajaxlink title=Im building an engaged Audience First before starting my Company And Why you Should too href=httpswildaudiencecomaudience first startup second>Im building an engaged Audience First before starting my Company And Why you Should too<a> I couldnt agree more <a href=httpwwwkaushiknetavinashsee think do content marketing measurement business framework>The See Think Do Care<a> framework by <a href=httpwwwkaushiknet>Avinash Kaushik<a> <h2>Welcome to Episode 8 of The Marketing Drive<h2> Ill be covering the latest and greatest marketing business and start up tips every day from the road <a href=httpdnedprodwpenginecom>Dan Nedelko Living the Agency Life<a> the ups the downs of agency life How to build your agency successfully <a href=httphoneypotmarketingcom>Marketing Execution by Honeypot Marketing<a> every day were launching reviewing and optimizing marketing campaigns <a href=httpmarketerknowscom>Marketing and Business at Marketer Knows<a> marketing resources from the trenches by real Marketers who do it everyday How to survive as an effective marketer without losing your sanity Marketer Knows is a community for marketers who are in the trenches each and every day In todays episode Im talking about sticking to a Marketing Playbook executing on point in an agile manner and a little bit about what Im going to be talking about in the Drive every day <a href=httpwwwyoutubecomsubscription centeradd user=DanNedelko>Subscribe to my YouTube channel <a><a href=httpsitunesapplecomcapodcastdan nedelkoid336215912mt=2>Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes<a>

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