Building and Managing Your Audience : The Marketing Drive ep 8

There’s a lot of doing in the day-to-day of the modern marketer, so much so that there isn’t much time to stop and think about our audiences. I’ll be talking about:

  1. How to build an audience a.k.a the “Minimum Viable Audience”.
  2. How to identify your existing Audience.
  3. Why we need to know our audiences.
  4. The importance of build a relationship with our audiences before we try to make a sale.

Handy References for Building Your Minimum Viable Audience

Props and high fives to Bastian Ernst from WildAudience for his excellent post: I’m building an engaged Audience First before starting my Company – And Why you Should too – I couldn’t agree more.

The See Think Do Care framework by Avinash Kaushik.

Welcome to Episode 8 of The Marketing Drive!

I’ll be covering the latest and greatest marketing, business and start-up tips every day from the road.

Dan Nedelko Living the Agency Life: the ups, the downs of agency life. How to build your agency successfully.

Marketing Execution by Honeypot Marketing: every day we’re launching, reviewing and optimizing marketing campaigns.

Marketing and Business at Marketer Knows: marketing resources from the trenches by real Marketers who do it everyday.

How to survive as an effective marketer without losing your sanity. Marketer Knows is a community for marketers who are in the trenches each and every day.

In today’s episode I’m talking about sticking to a Marketing Playbook, executing “on point” in an agile manner and a little bit about what I’m going to be talking about in the Drive every day!

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