Marketing and Business on the Road : The Marketing Drive ep 7

Welcome to the new and improved Marketing Drive!

What is The Marketing Drive?

It’s a daily podcast, video and blog series recorded from my car during my morning communte from Cambridge into Silicon Valley North in Waterloo.

I’m talking about digital marketing, growth hacking, start-up business & marketing, client marketing and agency life.

It’s an honest look at business and marketing from the trenches, I’ll also be posting this to when we launch in July 2016.

Today I’m talking about “Marketing Drive” my updated podcast, video podcast and series.

I’ll be covering the latest and greatest marketing, business and start-up tips every day from the road.

Agency Life:

The ups, the downs of agency life. How to build your agency successfully.

Marketing Execution:

Every day we’re launching, reviewing and optimizing marketing campaigns.

Marketing and Business:

How to survive as an effective marketer without losing your sanity. Marketer Knows is a community for marketers who are in the trenches each and every day.

In today’s episode I’m talking about sticking to a Marketing Playbook, executing “on point” in an agile manner and a little bit about what I’m going to be talking about on The Marketing Drive every day!

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