Linksys WRT54G – getting wired speeds on wireless

By Dan Nedelko

March 24, 2012

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<p><a href=httpsdannedelkocomwp contentblogsdir1files201203crap wireless speedsjpg><img class=alignleft size full wp image 1787 title=Crap wireless speeds make me angry src=httpsdannedelkocomwp contentblogsdir1files201203crap wireless speedsjpg alt=WRT54G increase wireless speed width=192 height=192 ><a>Ive got a LinkSys WRT54G wireless router Its a little older and been great but lately Ive been getting disconnected every few hours and had to reset the router Annoying at best then I ran a speed test and was sad to see my download speeds stank relative to sitting at my desk and wired right into the router<p> <p>I did some digging and after a little bit of work my wireless speeds equal my wired speeds Heres how I did it<p> <p>Wired at Home <a href=httpwwwspeedtestnetresult1853602685png target= blank>httpwwwspeedtestnetresult1853602685png<a><br >Wireless at Home <a href=httpwwwspeedtestnetresult1853606059png target= blank>httpwwwspeedtestnetresult1853606059png<a><p> <h3 style=margin top10px>WRT54G Linksys 24 Ghz<h3> <ol> <li>Upgraded firmware to 8008 from the <a href=httphomesupportciscocomen uswirelesslbcwrt54G target= blank>WRT54G Cisco product page<a> Make sure you check your hardware model number on the bottom of the router first<li> <li>Prevented wireless channel switching selected channel 11 as I was getting knocked offline by another router<li> <li>Changed from wireless network mode to G only from Mixed<li> <ol> <p>Next login to the setup page of the Router<p> <ol> <li>Under Wireless tab change the Wireless channel to 11<li> <ol> <p>Advanced wireless settings<p> <ol> <li>Change the Beacon Interval from 75 100 my optimal interval was 100<li> <li>Change the Fragmentation Threshold to 2304 through 2375 my optimal was 2375<li> <li>Change the RTS Threshold to 2304 through 2375 my optimal was 2375<li> <li>Change Basic Rate from Default to All<li> <li>Click on Save Settings<li> <ol> <p>Wireless speeds now equal wired speeds in 95 of my home<p> <p>The End<p>

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  • It’s always fun to be able to fix your problems on your own rather than having to call a service. I had a similar problem a while ago but most of my problems are caused by my aunt pulling the cable when she’s watering the flowers at my place. 🙂

  • I have the exact same router but mine is the G With speed booster version, I got it like 7 years ago but it’s still running amazing, I do experience the disconnections but I don’t need to reset it, I just simply reboot it with the modem

    Going to try the firmware update, thanks for the post Dan.

  • You cannot just upgrade the WRT54G’s firmware to version 8. You must upgrade your firmware to the HARDWARE version which the router is. This could be anything from 1.0 – 8.2. You can find your router’s hardware version on the tag on the router, next to the WRT54G model number.

    Heed my warning, kids. If you do not upgrade your firmware to the correct hardware version, you will brick your router. EOS.

  • This worked great but I had to play with the channels 7 worked best for me. Funny thing though that is according to my wireless DL speed is 10.57Mbs compared to a wired speed of 8.87Mbs. UL is both the same. Go figure I have Clearwire running on a WRT54G2 Firmware Ver Don’t really care since I’m streaming movies mostly from HBOGO and MAXGO wireless to an entertainment PC mostly.

  • I had the same problems as you with a 5 year old WRT54G which I solved (or thought I solved) with various tweaks but after a month the router died completely. Whether or not it was on the way out anyway, or whether it was my tweaking that killed it is a subject I’d rather not think about!

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