Is your brand communication strategy back asswards?

By Dan Nedelko

August 28, 2013


Last Updated on August 4, 2014 by Dan Nedelko

When we think about brand and communications messaging often the tactical feature message wins out over the motivation a consumer might have when making a decision about where to align their loyalties In reality the most effective brands in the world start from the motivation and move into the tactical features the deeper you dig Some brands that do it right <a href=httpwwwapplecom target= blank>Apple<a> <a href=httpwwwteslamotorscom target= blank>Tesla<a> Food for thought <p style=text align center><a href=httpsdannedelkocomwp contentblogsdir1files201308communicationspng><img class=aligncenter wp image 1884 src=httpsdannedelkocomwp contentblogsdir1files201308communicationspng alt=Communications and brand marketing communication direction width=529 height=386 ><a><p>

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