Social Media is personal – Gary Vaynerchuk

By Dan Nedelko

November 4, 2011

Last Updated on November 4, 2011 by Dan Nedelko

Good old Gary Vaynerchuk does a great job of distilling the importance of social media and how it can lift your business Watch the video below Im adding my own bullet points in addition to highlights from Garys talk <center> <img style=visibility hidden width 0px height 0px src=httpcgigcountcomwildfireIMPCXNID=20000020NXCbTxJmxPTEzMjANjM5MzM5NzAmcHQ9MTMyMDQ2NDMwMzQMyZwPTEwMjExMjImZDmZzyJm89MDRlOTI2YmFiMGVjNDA4ZDkwNDVlMDQ3M2NjYWZmZGEmb2Y9MA==gif alt= width=0 height=0 border=0 ><object id=embedded player width=512 height=313 classid=clsidd27cdb6e ae6d 11cf 96b8 444553540000 codebase=httpdownloadmacromediacompubshockwavecabsflashswflashcabversion=60400><param name=allowfullscreen value=true ><param name=base value=httpservicetwistagecom ><param name=allowscriptaccess value=always ><param name=src value=httpservicetwistagecompluginsplayerswfp=inc socialv=4ae85a47bdeb4 ><embed id=embedded player width=512 height=313 type=applicationx shockwave flash src=httpservicetwistagecompluginsplayerswfp=inc socialv=4ae85a47bdeb4 allowfullscreen=true base=httpservicetwistagecom allowscriptaccess=always ><object> <center> <ul> <li>The way business used to built was on the relationship<li> <li>Social media level sets that relationship the new marketing is marketing to the individual<li> <li>Stop thinking short term run the marathon dont run the sprint<li> <li>If you like it then you better put a ring on it<li> <li>Dont treat social media like its a one night stand Make the commitment<li> <li>Everyone is acting like a teenager in social media settings trying to close the deals without starting the conversation<li> <li>You dont want to bet on the culture shift because it doesnt happen in the next 20 minutes Make the bet<li> <li>For the first time ever its not push its a cocktail party Thats uncomfortable for marketers<li> <li>Thank you economy is offense Customer service is defense<li> <li>Find your clients on social media and find out what they love<li> <li>What you can learn is about your customer not just his shopping habits What are their emotional triggers find them and thank them be one to one<li> <li>Its about lifetime value not the purchase today<li> <li>Say thank you People are in sales mode customers dont expect to simply be thanked<li> <li>We are social creatures We want to express ourselves Its the same in social<li> <li>Social media is about listening not talking Listen and learn<li> <li>Word of mouth is the currency Now we have the infrastructure to enable word of mouth<li> <li>We all live in the same business Youre in the eyeballs and ears business<li> <li>Were iving through a massive cultural shift We need to create context<li> <li>Companies have the opportunity to move from a non human to a human relationship and image<li> <li>Create real conversation with your fans be more than a press release<li> <li>Marketers turn everything into a tactic<li> <li>Create an emotional connection with your customers<li> <ul> Theres more to come here but if youre in business or in marketing do yourself a favour and absorb this

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