Using StumbleUpon Effectively

By Dan Nedelko

March 10, 2009

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<p>Social Network Marketing is currently a hot topic in the world of Internet Marketing Many people want to integrate a social media and social networking component to their marketing mix The most common problem I see is Social Media Marketing thrown together in an ad hoc fashion and poorly executed<p> <p>The key risk from a marketing perspective is this poorly executed SEO will result in no rankings poorly executed PPC results in wasted budgets poorly executed Social Media Marketing can result in a bad reputation negative buzz and angry users<p> <p>You need to be very cautious when executing a Social Media Marketing campaign do not just throw something together and start talking to an online community the ramifications could be not only worse than you expected they could be difficult to undo<p> <p>Planning education and execution are critical to a successful social media program I would suggest that you consider the following points before launching a social media marketing program<p> <ol> <li>Which social media sites will you be targeting Is your content appropriate for that network For example <a href=httpdiggcom target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>Digg<a> is extremely popular among technology and design audiences <a href=httpstumbleuponcom target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>StumbleUpon<a> is popular for humor entertainment and gaming audiences <a href=httpnewsvinecom target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>Newsvine<a> is popular among politcal junkies these are fairly simplistic examples but you get the point<li> <li>What voice do you want to project for your product to these audiences Direct marketing doesnt generally work well Informational educational and interesting content is needed with a subtle hint towards promoting your product<li> <li>What are you <strong>trying to say<strong> to the audience Social Media Marketing is really about starting an ongoing dialogue with an audience its about building trust relationships that are subtle Formulating a message is extremely important continuing the dialogue in a genuine way is critical If you are not going to do that then you need to reconsider leveraging this medium<li> <li>Social Media Networks are composed of and run by real people Remember that This is not traditional advertising You are developing a conversation with real people<li> <li>Be prepared to hear things you may not like You may get no reaction You may in fact get a negative reaction Ensure that you know how to deal with a negative reaction and always remember that someone who gives you a reaction is someone who cares Engage them and sort it out it will be worth it<li> <li>Be prepared to engage the community as a community member Participate in a very real way if you do any less your programs will not succeed<li> <ol> <p>Although Ive gone off on a tangent slightly I am laying the ground work for this screencast and discussing one of my favorite sites StumbleUpon Im not going to introduce Stumbleupon in this article I do that in the screencast below You can also learn <a href=httpwwwstumbleuponcomabout target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>about StumbleUpon right here<a><p> <p>So enjoy the screencast and Im sure Ive missed something in my overview so let me know by leaving a comment Click Play and watch my screencast on Stumbleupon you might find it useful<p> <p>media id=4 width=600 height=480<p> <p>If you are already on<a href=httpstumbleuponcom target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer> StumbleUpon<a> or ready to join and get into it <a href=httpdannomaticstumbleuponcom target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>add me to your friend list<a> or subscribe to my stumbles<p> <p>Happy Stumbling<p> <p><img class=alignleft size full wp image 94 src=httpsdannedelkocomwp contentblogsdir1files200903dan nedelko signature bloggif alt=Dan Nedelko width=90 height=98 ><p> <div class=zemanta pixie style=margin top 10pxheight 15px><a class=zemanta pixie a title=Zemified by Zemanta href=httpreblogzemantacomzemifieddf8d1a2c 9a76 4ed9 8769 71f59e0d0afb><img class=zemanta pixie img style=border medium nonefloat right src=httpimgzemantacomreblog epngx id=df8d1a2c 9a76 4ed9 8769 71f59e0d0afb alt=Reblog this post with Zemanta ><a><span class=zem script more related><span><div>

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