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Instagram doesn’t like embedding

Instagram doesn’t seem to like it when you run a static image on their site through some processing. Fascinating. Oh well. Note to self don’t use instagram for that although the effects are cool.

Short Task Review – Work from Home Pt 2

As you may remember I wrote a while back about Short Task. Since I first ran into the product I’ve been using it for a number of projects and with a number of clients.

The real beauty of Short Task is that they let a mobile and flexible team of researchers and writers (in my case) work at home. It saves me time, it saves me money and it allows me to work within the budgets given to me by clients.

Like I said I have been using Short Task for writing mainly.

In many of our Internet Marketing programs we employ a blog component for each and every client. It drives social media traffic (after distribution) and the blog posts gain traction for Tail of Search terms very quickly. Driving highly convertible traffic back into the websites – the long tail of search visitors are looking for a specific product and are ready to buy.

So in this Short Task Review I’m going to actually show how I use Short Task to manage my tasks that I get my mobile team to complete for me.

First I login to and I’m given access to my control panel (click for the larger version):

Short Task After Login

Short Task After Login

As you can see – I’ve got access to a number of Short Task functions from here including my account management, sending and receiving funds, creating new tasks and even renewing previous tasks (my favorite feature). I spend most of time in the functions provided by “Your Tasks”.

Let’s say I want to create a new task. Another handy feature is that Short Task provides me with templates. This saves a ton of time as they’ve done the base work for me, I can easily customize based on a template and get my tasks out in minutes rather than spending a ton of time putting together a description. Here’s a sample view of the out of the box templates provided (once again click the image for the large view):

Short Task Templates

Short Task Templates

These templates frankly rock. The good people at short task have saved me time and because we are a small business time is always money. So all I have to do is launch a template, customize it and then publish it into the system. I usually get responses within hours and results within a couple of days.

Once I get reponses from the freelancers I can also accept or reject their work with notes. That also really helps since I can train them for my specific purposes, I’ve reused a number of workers in the system and their work just gets faster and better every time.

If you’ve got a small business and need some one off jobs completed for a very reasonable rate you definitely want to consider using a work from home workforce like I do.

It’s smart, it’s easy, it’s simple and it’s effective. Good luck with Short Task!

Work from Home – Short Task Review

If you’re like me you might have specific requirements for small tasks for a client or a project at any given time. Now that doesn’t mean I want to hire a number of full time employees (to be honest, I can’t afford that and the projects simply don’t require it).

So off an on I am constantly looking for low cost ways to have a temporary workforce out there for any number of tasks. It could be some content I need written, link built, social media mentions. The list is pretty much endless and it also causes me some headaches.

It’s tough to find a group of people out there. I could easily place Craigslist or Kijiji ads but that’s time consuming and a pain.

That’s why when I ran into Short Task I was pleasantly surprised. The basic idea is this:

  • You have some tasks you need performed online for a specific project.
  • Short Task connects you to a marketplace of people who can complete that simple task for you.
  • Your workforce will work at home.
  • You pay.
  • Task is completed.
  • Everyone moves on with life.

It’s a cool idea and uber convenient so I thought I would include a Short Task Review for those of you who have never used it before.

Short Task divides their site up into “Seekers” and “Solvers” which is pretty straight forward. If I’m a solver I can perform the tasks that are in their Marketplace.

Once you login into you’ll see “Tasks” in the Main Menu. Select that and then you can filter based on Keywords or Amount Offered.

I just checked a few of the tasks and started at $9.00 – I also got a few hits for $15.00 tasks. Not a bad payout if you get yourself into a system and become quick and proficient with this. You won’t retire tomorrow but you could make a nice supplementary income from this type of work if you take it seriously plus you can work from home.

Having looked through the Marketplace I’d also suggest you stick to the $3.00-$8.00 categories. These could be completed relatively quickly (less than 15 minutes) if you’re a decently quick writer and are relatively good with a search engine (so you can find the sites you need to find).

The higher paying categories look like they want some pretty in depth research done for $15.00. If you think about it, if you can post a quality comment in 10 minutes for $3.00 you can make $18.00 in one hour easily. Instead of spending that single hour on one in depth research article.

That’s just a thought though.

From the perspective of a Seeker, I like it. I can assemble a relatively strong human work force in minutes by posting tasks and having people complete them for me. If I took $300.00 of a budget here and wanted to build some links for instance I could easily post it for $3.00 and would be able to get 100 human edited inbound links.

Neat idea. You should check out Short Task whatever side of the coin you might be on. – Web Host Review

If you’re anything like me, a webmaster with numerous sites on numerous different web hosts then you’ve run into all sorts of different types of companies out there who can fulfill your web hosting needs.

Generally what I’ve found is that most web hosts will try to tack on a bunch of extra service fees once you’re setup with them, and we all know once you’re in and setup with a web host that moving is the last thing on your mind. Generally having a profitable website is the goal, not hosting issues.

Here are a few things I really like about – one click installs of Joomla and WordPress and tons of free addons included with a low cost hosting account. Also you get a whack load of free advertising credits.

For a low cost host, the almost $100 in free advertising credits with Miva, Google, and Yahoo made it worth my time to go and sign up.

The setup was quick and easy, and I had a site setup in minutes. Now of course there is design and content work to take care of but at the end of the day I’ve just saved myself a fortune in time by giving a shot.

You should check them out as well!

Online Casino Suite – Site Review

On occasion I get asked to review a website for various other webmasters in both the online gaming space and in mainstream. Online Casino Suite is my latest review.

On first visiting online casino suite there is definitely a ton of information being presented to the user. The main page of the site has a nice layout of very in depth reviews listing their “Top” casinos, the software platform, the number of games, the Bonus (which I assume is the welcome bonus), if they accept US players, a direct link to the software and then finally a link to the full review.

It’s a decent layout since I generally am interested in getting to the casino reviews to find out the quality of the room. Especially how good they are with payouts and customer service (definitely two of the most important aspects of any online casino).

Some of the things I like about this site:

1.    The game types are listed down the left hand column. Getting me fast access to the casino rooms who specialize in specific types of games (for example: Slots, Blackjack, Keno, etc).
2.    The reviews are in depth and give some good solid detail.
3.    Navigation is quick, easy and to the point with information being front and center.

Here are a few things I’d like to see added to this site:

1.    Some news items on the front page. They have a blog here but getting some snippets of news would be useful (to me anyhow).
2.    User Reviews. I think in this day and age we all want to know what real people have experienced with these casinos.
3.    Exclusive bonuses and promos. I would definitely visit a site like Online Casino Suite more often if they had giveaways and offers I couldn’t find anywhere else.

All in all this is a very nice site, it’s fast, has tons of good information and is well laid out. Definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for some solid reviews of online gambling providers.

How to: Clean Your Blackberry Curve Keyboard

I use two Blackberry phones, one is a Blackberry Curve and the other is a Blackberry 8800 so that when I travel I have a local number in both main areas. I also tend to get a little worried if one starts acting up.

Well as per my worries, the “y” key started acting up on me. Do you have any idea how difficult is to type without the letter “y”? More difficult than you might have thought.

After searching for a bit I found this gret video from and though I would post it here for everyone to use if they ever had the same problem.


For all you Blackberry 8800 users you might want to have a look at the Blackberry 880 take apart instructions here, once again from our good buddies at – I strongly suggest purchasing parts for your Blackberry from them. I’ve had to order a number of Pearl kits and batteries from them.


Hope that helps you clean your Blackberry, it took me a while to track down this info – if you have any questions or extra resources, please comment here and let me know.

Funny George Bush Quotes

Check this out. Take a bit of a break and please all of my American friends realize that we all survived through 8 years of the most idiotic president in the history of the United States. As a die hard Canadian and one who is a Conservative Liberal (go figure) it’s not a partisan comment. George Bush is simply an idiot no matter if you are Liberal or Conservative. Please watch this and argue otherwise:


God Bless Barack Obama.

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