Yahoo is a disaster thanks to Carol Bartz.

By Dan Nedelko

June 21, 2011


Last Updated on December 1, 2011 by Dan Nedelko

<p>Im not going to be smug about <a href=httpsdannedelkocommarketingcarol bartz title= target= blank>my previous and much more in depth post about Carol Bartz being nothing short of the fifth horseman of the apocalypse as far as Yahoo<a> is concerned<p> <p>Ok Ill be a little smug According to TechCrunch it looks like her tenure is going to be coming to an end and with that she should never ever run a tech company again<p> <p>If you want more in depth analysis then read my previous post or the amazingly titled <a href=httptechcrunchcom20110621yahoos 360 degree turnaround title= target= blank>Yahoos 360 degree turnaround<a> on TechCrunch <p> <p>Stop Carol Now<p> <p>Please I say that on behalf of all current Yahoo shareholders <p>

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