Why You Need To Classify Your Digital Marketing Campaigns : The Marketing Drive ep 19

By Dan Nedelko

June 15, 2016

Last Updated on November 25, 2023 by Dan Nedelko

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Setting your digital marketing campaigns into one of three main types will help you maintain your sanity and provide clear goal posts for your team.

Misunderstood campaign goals can cause a serious headache when the campaign is complete if everyone involved is not on the same page or unclear on the goals.

Lead generation is a nurturing and growth process, it does not burn resources. Conversion Campaigns can be very effective when care is taken to understand your true Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Retention Campaigns can catapult your business into the stratosphere.

In today’s Marketing Drive we’re talking about why I do The Marketing Drive without expectation of reward, defining the type of campaign you are launching before it is launched and ensuring it fits into your revenue allocation and targeting model.

In The Marketing Drive Episode 19 we’re talking about:

  1. Why I do The Marketing Drive (because I ❤️  you, that’s why).
  2. The importance of content creation without expectation of reward.
  3. Lead Acquisition Campaign. Goal: generating the lead to get them into your funnel.
  4. Conversion Campaign: converting that lead or inbound customer into a “sold customer”
  5. Retention, Rebuy, Reactivation: a.k.a the “Care” campaign.

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