Facebook Groups The Feature No One Really Talks About : The Marketing Drive ep 16

By Dan Nedelko

June 6, 2016

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Facebook has been on a tear recently, they’re definitely on track to “eat the world”. I’ve found that Facebook also sports one of the highest conversion rates of all channels when you’ve developed an engagement plan (a.k.a defined funnel and plan).

See, what Facebook has done is created an ecosystem of extremely high engagement. When we’re on Facebook, we’re really engaging: talking to friends, business associates, family and more. It doesn’t stop there, with the advanced features Facebook keeps rolling out, we can really ramp up our activities, engage with our audience and grow our audience through great customer experiences.

On top of all of that, Facebook is also accelerating their product roll out schedule. One of Facebook’s strengths has always been their pace of development and features. This year I’m seeing Advertising support and intelligence tools allow us to communicate more intelligently and relevantly than ever before.

Facebook Video and Live are both priorities for Facebook, they’ve in fact been the ones to say this is their focus throughout 2016. Facebook Live is already changing the marketing and communications landscape. Facebook wasn’t first, but they’ve got the users and distribution. But there’s one quiet Facebook feature that isn’t being talked about and it’s the most powerful feature for marketers looking to really engage with their audience.

In The Marketing Drive Episode 16 we’re talking about:

  1. The Facebook feature no one talk about.
  2. Why this Facebook feature is so important to Marketers and businesses.
  3. How to add this feature to your social media mix effectively.
  4. The steps you can take to really connect with your audience and customers.

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